Completely getting rid of voices?

Does this happen, or does that mean higher dose of meds. I don’t like the way the AP makes me feel, so I take minimum amount.

I still get voices, but not as much. Has anyone got rid of them, without being a zombie and still enjoy life?

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Not sure about completely. Usually it’s a case of combining meds and therapy to get to get the best results. One advantage is the more therapy you do the more chance of meds not being needed. Or at least reduced to the bare minimum. Which means less side effects from the meds.

so therapy can help the fact that noises like fans, trigger voices… I don’t see how? I know that’s a problem. I just stated it, so what would the therapist say. Avoid white noise.

It took years but my typical AP eventually got rid of all the voices and I’m able to take Wellbutrin without bringing up positive symptoms.

I take Haldol, very low dose.

Depends what type therapy you are doing? .Learn enough about yourself and you wont be triggered.

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My voices aren’t so bad any more and I’m not on meds. Took a long time of not feeding or giving them any mind/time. I don’t know if that’d work for everyone.

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I tried no meds and was a wreck. The voices scare/bug the ■■■■ out of me and make it hard to function.

Make me want to self medicate…

Only had two meds out of the many I’ve tried completely remove voices and most other positive symptoms during times of low stress: Clozaril and Geodon. Notable runners-up are: Zyprexa and Abilify. We won’t discuss the weight loss Zyprexa caused. We just won’t.

When I’m stressed I have positive symptoms, period. I just take something that acts as a heavy tranq to get me past the worst of it so I don’t care. Usually Chlorpromazine (dirt cheap), but occasionally Haldol.

What worked for me may not work for you. Everyone’s chemistry is different. Everyone’s SZ is different. All I can say is don’t give up on new meds too quickly. Takes time for your body to acclimatize to them. Getting meds right is an unfortunately slow process and it’s important not to lose hope.



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Really REALLY bad idea. Just pouring gas on the flames. Don’t do it man.

Relax. Have some tea. Play a good video game.

Sending good vibes yer way.


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I’m on meds now, so don’t have those thoughts. I meant, when I’m not. I might want to try Geoden, if it makes me less miserable then Haldol. I am just concerned about the heart thing…

I see a cardiologist for a congenital heart defect. She isn’t THAT worried about the Geodon, figures I’m more at risk from my weight. Hope that helps?


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Do you get heart pains ever?

Speaking for myself, I need to reduce smoke inhalation while maintaining a steady nutritious diet.

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Angina? Not in 46 years and counting. Heartburn (indigestion), sure, but I loves me my Sriracha Sauce.


50 mgs a day of thiodazine 21 years no voices no paranoia

In a word, NO. But they are seen as voices, and as “mis-representers.” I have listened to them carefully, consciously and mindfully long enough now that I am immediately aware when they start making noises. I pay attention. I listen. I feel the eerie feelings that always come with them. But I do not take action anymore… unless I am unduly stressed.

So I do what I can to prevent that from occurring. Like meditating several times a day. I can do life on 12.5 mgs of Sq / day now, though I might get a little less manic and impulsive on 25 or 50. But I accept that that is what psychotic bipolar does, and that dealing with it in the way I am provides the best trade-off possible, albeit one that is not “perfect.” That I can live with.

I have been lucky that medication helps a lot against my voices, am now able to enjoy silence without hearing them. Though I must admit there is still a residual fear/expectation of hearing them - which I am working on - which in my experiences makes one look for them. And in sz, it is so many times true that we will find what we are looking for when it comes to meaning. So I have to erase these trends of thinking to be completely comfortable in silence. I have been taking risperidone to get out of an episode and now aripiprazole for maintanence.

Some other tricks enabled me to decrease their salience and control their content to a large extent prior to taking meds, but it did not silence them. Voices I can manage now during psychosis, the telepathic delusion that seems almost inherent in the experience of them has been dealt with. What was more bothering to me in my last episode was thorough derealization and paranoia.

I have a feeling the chatter in my head is constant… but some days… it’s so tiny and whisper I can ignore it…

When I’m stressed… it all comes back. Not as hard as it used to… but it does come back.

The meds have helped… so has the therapy… that has helped me ignore the head circus and keep moving forward through my day.

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I’ve had great success versus the voices with a lot of meds. Fortunately, for me, meds help a great deal. I currently take 30 mg of Haldol a day. It’s a pretty heavy dose, but it WORKS!