Completed my psych eval

I completed the psych eval for disability review last Tuesday with the state psychologist. I feel cheated. The psychiatrist I was with for several months would not release my records, nor would my physician so I had to either see a state psychologist or submit my disability review without any doctor’s statements or opinions.

The review was very general, we’ve all done these types of things before. Very broad general tests such as, repeat these numbers, repeat these numbers backward, repeat this list of objects, do you feel depressed, what does “don’t count your chickens until they are hatched” mean?

I just feel like 20 minutes of extremely broad questions is not enough to understand what a person’s life is like day to day.

I am very worried about the outcome of this review, it did end on a semi-good note however. Just before I left he stood and opened the door and wished me luck, as I moved he blocked me and said “call social security about your insurance and see if they have the name of a psychiatrist you can get into to see soon”.

Do you know why your current psychiatrist or physician would not release your records? Was there forms that needed to be filled out and signed by you to allow them to release your file?

I hope that the review goes in your favor.

When I took the GRE to get into a masters program I applied for extended time due to having schizophrenia. So for two days before I didn’t take my meds and was psychotic when I got my evaluation. He asked a few questions then said Oh who cares I’ll give you double time. He didn’t think I had a chance. But back on my meds the test wasn’t very hard because I had twice the amount of time. Also in graduate school I did the three year program instead of in two years. Even though I didn’t also have a job. Anyway try to find ways to let them know you hear voices a lot. I wouldn’t qualify for disability unless I went off my meds.

Is it legal for your doctors to not release your files to other doctors under such conditions as this evaluation?

If so, does that mean that files created by doctors are not worth Jack ■■■■. Are the creators of such files considered to be considered “Delusional” in some manner. If not, then why are files that have been constructed over long time periods consider to be less valuable than a quick 20 minute questioning?

What I am saying is, find out the complete picture as to what has happened. Leave no escape holes for any doctors. Escape holes, and the use of them, is one of their specialties that are used for “SELF PROTECTION ‘cover my ass’ SAFETY” legal reasons.

I had a psych eval when I applied for SSDI for depression. The lady said that I was severely depressed. They almost gave it to me, but then they denied me. I would have had to go in with a lawyer to appeal it. I was way to depressed and disorganized to do that. So I just didn’t work for all of those years and depended exclusively on my parents. Fortunately, at that time, my dad had work. Now that I finally got SSI my dad hasn’t had a job in over a year. He depends on my measly $300 per month rent. And even with that he’ll soon be running out of money and have to cancel his cell phone and MyFi if he doesn’t get work soon.

Well I am not sure why the doctors would not release my records. I know the psychiatrist I was seeing for a few months dropped me from his practice because he could not charge me for missing appointments.

I just hope this all goes well, I kind of depend on this money to try and make it through college.

I don’t know what to do except wish you good luck, good karma and compatible astrology.