Every thing i said to the psychairist

everything I said to him he typed it out, and sent in a letter to my house, I found this bewildering

has this ever happened to you?


No. It sounds odd.

yes it does, my dad said it sounded like a threat

My daughter’s clinic used to do that for CF

just like a summary and update on the visit

never had that happen for me, I kinda wish I would

I’d like to see what’s going into my files.

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“treat”? Did you mean threat?

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every time I see the psychairist its a different one, my file must be big, im 20 years visiting the psyche clinic

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yes I meant threat

I asked to see my former therapist’s files and it was years of “no insight, low intelligence”. I am not that dumb.

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yeah, I’m sure mine is too

I recall at one doctor, he had a written report
that someone wrote up, and he read it to me

and asked me if all of that is accurate.
It was definitely clinical, and some of it went over my head,
but I appreciated it.

wow, they can interview us and get the total oppisite meaning, and write horrible things about us

I like to read what they write about me,is it possible for me to ask to read my file?

I’m not sure, but I think we should be able to have access to it.

maybe you could call the office and ask if that’s possible.

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cool thanks…in this letter this psychairist doesn’t really believe my last psychotic episode was 9 years ago, and im in remission, according to this letter

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No. All the information we tell to a psychiatrist is confidential.

Why does he think your psychotic if you don’t hear voices?

but, he sent everything I said in a letter to my house hold, is that allowed ?

I guess he thinks I am fooling him and telling lies

In Spain it’s allowed when the patient is not an adult. But if the patient is 18 or older, then it’s not allowed.

My pdoc offered what other pdocs have written about me. I said no as his tone and body language indicated that the notes were pretty hurtful. But ive never had them sent to me, sounds a bit weird i suppose.

time will tell, is he against me or for me?