Psych review

I got a psych review to see if I still qualify for SSI. I’m nervous I had a lot of doctors back me up before but this time I dont have a pdoc yet


Wishing you well @cbbrown :slight_smile:

Thanks, the review is on the 6th and I’m hoping my therapist can help


Again, good luck @cbbrown.

Is that a pic of your new pac man frog?

Your Avatar.

Yeah she/he is an albino about the size of a golf ball her/his name is jasper. I love animals that’s why I felt so guilty when I wasn’t giving them the care they deserved when I was going through haldol withdrawal

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An albino, that’s cool!
Good luck with him/her :smile:

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If I were you, I would get a pdoc and fast. Why don’t you have a pdoc?

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Because the old clinic discharged me because I missed appointments because of the Medicaid cabs. Now I’m going to a new clinic and they have a rule that new patients must go through three therapy sessions first.

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