College says I owe now

I dropped my classes because of my illness. Now they’re saying I owe them 744 dollars. I have a student loan I also owe 1400 on. Before I got the letter today I was contemplating suicide. I guess I can go forward with it now. I live on disability BTW. Me and my boyfriend both.

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Please don’t kill yourself because of these idiots. :cry:

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It’s either die or go homeless

Homelessness is better than death.

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Try to save money every month and pay it off slowly. Or go to a shelter to live for a few months. It’s good you have disability. Things will be ok.

You can get all your student loans discharged if you are totally disabled. More than likely because you are on disability you qualify. Call your student loan provider and tell them the situation. They should give you the required paper that needs to be filled out by a physician. Now you don’t have to worry about that. Please don’t kill yourself, life always always get better!

Sending love and prayers your way!


Money, money, money is the root of all evil. Don’t kill yourself for it. It is a terrible reason to kill yourself for.

There are people living on less than a dollar a day and still live, mercilessly happily. They have a love of life. You have a boyfriend, as one good thing.

You can eat and socialise which could bring joy. You could have a future. You are young and life could improve. It will improve. There is so much to learn and to see yet. for a couple of thousand dollars life is certainly not worth losing.

Find a cooperative. Find a community to belong to and these things will sort themselves out. Capitalism isolates the couple and the individual. Don’t lose yourselves to money.


Please share your story with student disability services and your doctor.


I will. I’m just trying to keep my mind off of things till my pdoc spot on Oct sixth. I called the college they said to pay what I can until its paid off. As for the student loan I will see if they can forgive it or lower the payments. I don’t know I just woke up this morning in a bad state of mind. Almost two weeks now.


Give each bank or college that owns each loan $5.00 a month. They can’t bother you if you give them at least that much. That will keep them off of your back. Promise.

Do this only if you can’t get released from the loans due to your disability.

If you’re on disability, I’m pretty sure they can’t garnish your disability payment. Your credit will probably be bad, but that’s about it.

Try to work with them, but this is not a choice between homelessness and death, it’s a choice between paying rent and paying college. You pay the rent. The college will be OK. You can pay it back over time if you can, if not, it’s hardly going to bankrupt them. They are not the mob, they are not going to break your knees.


maybe you can find a job to pay it down? maybe the college has a job at the library or the gym or something.

If you can’t work on paper try cleaning houses for cash to get some extra money.

My student loans got discharged. I didn’t owe much though.

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You can’t get blood from a stone, nor $$ from a broke sz on disability.

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I had to declare bankruptcy with my student loan many many years ago. It wrecked my credit for 7 years but at least I could afford to live.

There are also debtor counsellors that cam work with you and the student loan office and school to come up with affordable payments based on your situation

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I was trying to inject humor in an upsetting situation. I guess you can’t. I don’t like being on disability no more than anyone else but unfortunately my mind is in hell. When I am ready to work, I will go through my mhmr caseworker. K.