College says I owe now

May not have to worry about being a leech much longer if I finally get it over with.

I worked when I was floridly psychotic. Not saying it was fun though.

And sure your welcome to fart. Just leave the sombrero at home kid

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This is a faulty way of thinking, it is like assigning real value to paper, it doesn’t mean much

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If you haven’t noticed my thinking has been faulty for a while. There will be quite a few consequences resulting from my death. But im sure purgatory will be just fine

Trust me, your soul is worth far more than $744. There cannot be a price in fact.

They do not want you to exchange your life for a simple debt.

You do not know what may come, you will provide far greater value by being here.

It’s not over money. I am through being mentally ill. It’s being sick constantly and not getting better.

@roxanna, I think it is time for you to go to the crisis center again. You felt better for a few days after you went last time.

Man… I know.

So tired.

But I could still serve a purpose.

I don’t know. I could see a baby left in the car accidentally. I could smile at a person who is desparate. I could be at the right place at the right time. You just never know.

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I’m trying to hang on till Friday.

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I’m going to go shave my legs and cry. Have a good night.

I understand you’d prefer to wait until your Friday pdoc appointment, but if you continue to feel suicidal or if these feelings get worse, please go to the hospital.