No school allowed

I signed up for classes, started studying when they opened on Monday, and have been waiting for my financial aid award package. I learned this afternoon that, in order to get a loan (which I need), I would have to sign a letter stating that I am capable of gainful employment. That would negate the purpose of my disability. So no school for me. I’m feeling really down about it.


Well weren’t you planning on giving up your disability anyways if you were eventually going to work?

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I don’t know. I was going to try to work, but I wasn’t sure if I could. And I certainly can’t work now. I can’t even leave my bedroom most of the time.

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Sorry @Happy_H. That really sucks.

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I wish I could go to school but my college loans from a previous school makes that difficult. I have to get my 37 thousand dollar loans discharged

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I’m sorry. That really sucks.

Well I think going to college is harder than working anyways
Maybe some time in the future you will be ready.

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I hope you can get that discharged. You have to be on like a 5-7 year review with SSA for that to happen where they dont expect your condition to improve.

No I’m on 3-4 year review I have to send in a paperwork that says I haven’t worked in 2017-2018. They said they can restart my discharge

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Yeah, my dad had a three year review.

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There’s no idiot like a well-intentioned idiot. Nothing like trapping people who are trying to lift themselves up into positive feedback loops.

Sorry to hear that @Happy_H. It really sucks that you’re trying to better yourself and your life but the rules are holding you back.

I tried school with loans a second time

and I wrote a creative essay for one of my papers online

and the instructor told me I wasn’t following the instructions

for the assignment. I asked her if she thought I should quit school

and she said Yes. I got my pdoc to fill out the forms that said I was

permanently disabled, and can’t pay back these loans, but they still hounded me for

months or up to a few years. My mom took care of it somehow.

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The big problem is that I’ve already had loans forgiven. I understand that they want to protect themselves, but forcing me to make a statement that I can work (which could end my disability) while I’m just trying out school and maybe work is terrible. I can’t make that promise because I don’t know what I can do, but I would pay back the loans. I do get disability, after all. Take that away so I can go to school and attempt work and risk failing would leave me without the means to pay them back! So why take that from me?

My loans were forgiven after I sent in papers from the dr showing I’m disabled. I can’t work or go to school until 3 years from the date of loans being forgiven.

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That sucks.

There is no such thing in the UK.

You study, and then you only pay back your loans on 9% over any earnings over £21,000 per year.

In Romania you pay every year. No debts. Money down simply. You pay like 1000dollars (give or take) a year for college

They refuse to discharge my loans. In my state they review your case every 4 years. DOE wants a five year review. So I’m stuck paying. They’ve more than got their money in interest. I’d advise anyone not get a student loan if possible.

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I recommend going to an affordable school if you can.