I have never seen people who have less positive symptoms and more negative and cognitive symptoms

How do u deal with it…my cognitive and negative symptoms are never addresses by my aps… i take aps just to fall sleep in the night… i am just helpless.
How do u guys find it as a problem…


Try adding an anti depressant to your regime. Maybe that can help.

There are plenty nootropic/supplements that can help with the negatives.

One of my favs being nicotine in pure form (lozenges or gum). You can find caffeine+L-Theanine pills online, they also help.

From what I hear, doesn’t Sarcosine help with negatives?


I am only super poor member in this forum… i cant afford supplement… i am jobless…my countrys law doesnt treat disable like that of europe and us…i get zero as a disability… i enjoy when other people enjoy taking their supplement …dre i just come to this site just to see other people celebration and happiness…

U are a good soul Dre91… i am sure u r from U.S…TAKE CARE HOMIE…


I am from Canada @far_cry0. We get disability here but not that much.


Which supplement do u use Dre91… and how old are U…

I’m 26 and I’m on:

Loxapine 20mg
Cymbalta 60mg
Clonazepam 1mg
Cogentin 2mg
Propranolol PRN

I’ve tried a bunch of supplements and now I’m experimenting with CBD.

How about you? What are you taking @far_cry0


I am on rispridal 3mg and seroquel 25mg… no supplement for me… i have lot of cognitive issues… i am 31yrs old…


Do you pay for your meds and how do you receive them?

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I have to pay for medicine its cheaper then canada… see u 2moro its 11 pm here in nepal …good night…


What kind of cognitive symptoms? I personally found that here in the US, with all the anti-intellectualism, being dumbed down just a little seemed to actually help me in the job market for a while.

As for amotivation, I sometimes use free external training via online apps like Habitica.com. It allows you to design your own rewards, and if you get creative, you can add punishments. l use some pretty harsh escalating punishments on myself if I have to.

I wouldn’t expect a pill to solve these 2 issues. If it does, normies will be using the pill, too.

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