Clozaril/ clozapine experience please

I have ALL symptoms of sz and I need a med that works as I’ve tried so many

Clozapine is good. I take 3 aps but still have symptoms occasionally, not everyday

I been on clozapine for 8 months works really well. I do have drooling and constipation sometimes. Clozapine can cause drowsiness and dizziness.

Hey , i am on clozaril about ten years now, works great for me but the side effects are pretty hard sometimes such as weight gain, drooling at night an sedation

Was on it a long time. It worked great. So good that after about 8 years I no longer thought I was ill and decided to take myself off of it. That was a huge mistake! I have been struggling to try to put my life back in place ever since.

It is a great med! Hope it works out well for you!

I am on it. Works well for positive symptoms. :maple_leaf::maple_leaf::maple_leaf: