Whats your experience with clozapine?

Obviously haloperidol is not a miracle drug for me. Im here to ask how is like clozapine? I am able to take it cause ive been one one atypical and one typical AP. Are you or were you able to work on it? How were the positive and negative symptoms? Were you relapsing on this med?

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I take both Clozapine and Ziprasidone. Both these have been wonderful for me. I get drowling over night though. I am able to work in these drugs. I would s asy give it a go. For most people, this drug does the job. I get very few positive symptoms. Some negatives, but again not too bad. :grin::grin:

My experience with clozaril has been amazing, i have been on it for over 10 years, it is the only medication that has worked for me, side effects are tough though, and include, the following weight gain, drooling at night sedation, more negative symptoms Most of my positvie symptoms are gone, less voices , less paranoia, still have depression though,overall the pros outweigh the gains, best of luck to you! seanie

I was on olanzpaine and it was losing effect after 15 years, since it is one of the strongest AP’s a pdoc wanted to put me on clozapine because it is supposedly the strongest AP. I however refused it because of all the side effects and constant blood tests. I got argumentative with her and we didn’t get along so I was assigned a different pdoc. He suggested lurasidone (which considered is “weaker” than olanzapine and clozapine) but it has worked out beautifully. Works way better than olanzapine and without any side effects or weight gain.

I also tried haldol but it gave me a really bad case of restless leg syndrome, every 3 seconds I had to kick my legs, it was really discomforting, and it made me really dizzy, I couldn’t stand still without feeling like I was going to topple over. It also has a high incidence of Tardive Dyskensia so I quit after a few weeks. I didn’t recover from the dizziness for a few months. I didn’t like haldol at all.

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my experiences with clozapine are good. I take it in combination with risperdal consta and that works for me. I also have drooling at night like the others and i need to pee a lot and sudden.
In the beginning the blood work tests are annoying but after a while it doesn’t need to be done so often anymore like once in a month although i sometimes have moments that i have it done once in 2 months, they not so strict with it here…

When my housemate went on clozapine, the improvement was miraculous.

It helps me. Just don’t like the monthly blood draws. :bird::bird::bird:

I was om Clozapine 600 mg In 1998. It stopped my psychotic thoughts. I took it With 300 mg Clopixol.
It had some ruff side effects and that was the only reason why I stopped using it. I am starting to fell as well on the 3 antipsychotics I use now. The real game changer for me is the seroquel that was added 8 years ago and slowly increased until reasonly to 600 mg. I am one of those individuals who don’t gain weight or get to sleepy on seroquel. And I’m my doc most thankfull for adding it.

I feel that it is probably working (and not my imagination), but I could probably use a stronger dose. Voices make me depressed and overall hurt morale.

constipation - briefly then went away
drooling - catch myself at times
sedation - not really
voices - seem to be vaguely around (or not) and matter less

I do not really mind the blood draws. The staff at the place I go to are nice.