Lets talk about clozapine!

Hey guys as above, how has clozapine worked for you?In my case it has been a game changer! It has really reduced my positive symptoms, not so much my negative symptoms, side effects can be hard such as weight gain sedation and blood work taken every four weeks, drooling at night but overall the pros outweigh the cons, just my experience, thoughts?


It’s fine. Drooling on my pillow every time I sleep but no problem.


I also am on clozapine, and it has done wonders for me. None of the other medications I have taken have worked nearly as hard as clozapine. I still have delusions, but I am able to shrug them off better.


I take it and it helps with my positive symptoms. :lizard::lizard::lizard:


It’s the best medication I’ve tried so far. I’ve been on Risperidone, Quetiapine, Abilify and Olanzapine.

clozapine is by far the best med ive been on. I started it a bit over 2 months ago and my positive symptoms are a lot better. The blood work isn’t as annoying as I thought it’d be.

I was on 600 mg clozapine(leponex) in 1996 and it removed all the positive symptoms as the only antipsychotic I tried.
but the side effect burden was to much to handle. I drolled. Got severe constipation. Was sedated. And gained 36 pound in half a year. So I quit. Now I am on 3 antipsychotics that works just as well as Clozapine with a lot less sideeffects. It took me 22 years before my psychosis was just as well controlled as on Clozapine. If you are young and have tried a lot of antipsychotics with no good results. And you can tolerate the side effects of Clozapine then go for it.Choose to get a life before you grow old.

I’m currently talking Clozapine and it is the drug that has best controlled my symptoms. I don’t like the side effects, but I think it is worth it.

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