Christmas neglect


My yearly neglect culminates as my christmas neglect.

And then after christmas ends my yearly neglect begins again.

No healthy food, no loving family or friends, a disease that just won’t quit and the harmful drugs to go with it, no transportation, no clothes, everything that i need i do not get.

Must i watch them get eachother frivolous crap that they don’t need or want when i don’t ever get anything that i really need? Must i?

My goddam legs are turning purple and my stomach burns, and it’s always the same, just neglect, just abuse.

I hope this piece of shyte burns down.



I am sorry you are having a rough time. Unfortunately for those of us on our own Christmas isn’t always/often a wonderful occasion. I hope you can get some of the things you want soon.




I think I will get to know poverty and isolation thoroughly, as the meaning of the rest of my life. I often have a bread only for lunch and breakfast. Everyday i watch people buying nice food i find myself fantasize about fresh food a lot. I want to buy myself a lot of fresh food. I wonder if I can afford the toilet paper and bathing gel in the near future. I still need to save up for a smart phone as I need one if I’m going to stay in the employment.

I just want to say I understand what u have been going through and I know it’s no fun.



i am sorry you are having a hard time, all i can say is that i care.
take care



I’m really sorry your having a hard time. :frowning: Whenever I was jobless and waiting for my disability to be approved I was really struggling. Had to rely on family to help me with food and daily necessities. But things got better. I don’t get much that I want but I do get what I need now. I hope things get better for you. hugs :slight_smile:



Don’t feel sad we’re here for you, life always change and I hope it changes to the best for you this time, have faith.



It works for me. I can easily make friends by playing a game. I only want to hear what they have to say and I make conversation about them. And magically they keep wanting to talk to me. And if I start to talk about my self they get bored and stop talking to me. Its annoying but it works. I have also learned that I don’t due will if I don’t talk to other people often so I keep playing that stupid game. But I have a sound mind because I can always find a friend at a bar.