Wanted a perfect christmas

hi, i just wanted a perfect Christmas,

i know it is probably unrealistic now but i thought it would be ok

but i didnt take in to account all ‘the grinches’

its amazing how many grinches there are out there, its unbelievable.

Christmas is meant to be a time of goodwill and happiness to all but some people are miserable and dead inside. now i am not talking about people with mental health problems but all i am saying is that those ‘grinches’ as i call them are probably the whole reason we are the way we are, its the way we have been treated by them and i am not happy about that.

i know this isnt a particularly happy thread and i know i could be considered a grinch myself sometimes but if it wasnt for all those other grinches i wouldnt even be here and i just want to say to everybody to pls have a good Christmas despite all of these grinches and dont let them grind you down, just do your best and thats all i want to say.

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Dear Daydreamer,
I’ve been reading you’re post for a bit now and I’ve always seen your post as very positive and upbeat. I read your post about what that feminist class did. I am so sorry you ended up with a negative, “chip on the shoulder” teacher. I’ve spent too much energy fighting off a “chip on the shoulder” teacher too.

You have all the makings of a good Christmas. You are going to school and it sounds like you have a volunteer opportunity that you work on, and your active in your church if I’m reading it right.
I think your doing great. You are one stand up, kick butt guy. Please don’t let the negative class ruin your lovely holiday either.

I do hope you can get away from the noise, and the commercialism and find a lovely spot for a meal under the skies, or have some fun in the snow, or curl up and indulge in some hot coco and read a book that that makes you smile. Enjoy the light on the houses and the stars in the skies.
I wish you a Happy Christmas full of simple joys


Just a thought, daydreamer. I don’t know why. Have you ever read The Little Prince?

My legs ache and burn everyday, my mid-section feels ill and there is a constant slight burning in it, my legs are progressively turning more and more purple.

I have walked the streets of this place two or three times now, i was beaten and abused, my car was taken from me, and i had a knife held to my throat twice.

My family doesn’t care about me, only about themselves.

And i feel as if i may day soon.

It’s been cataclysmic to say the least, and to top it all off im chronically ill forever.

No one has the right to call me a grinch at all.

I feel for you pansdisease. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago but I’ve had the thoughts as long as I can remember. The medicine helps but they still get through.

My parents really don’t do much.

I am going to see my CRNP on Tuesday and I’m going to ask her if she can put me on something else because of the side effects the medicine has on me. It’s like being in a prison of your own body.