Chewing tobacco


I used to be a big dipper an quit but grab a tin every now an then. Today I picked up a tin an my state of MA banned the flavors so there’s only classic an other non flavors. I hate when the state gets in the middle of things like this.

Awhile ago they banned camel cigarettes signature series too.



I used to be a big dipper as well. Have you looked into ordering off line? :monkey::monkey::monkey:


@GrayBear no I didn’t know you could do that. My mouth isn’t exactly up to the challenge these days I was a 18 year dipper. This is why I grab one now an then.

I don’t know if you can post links on the site but if you know a spot you can DM me. That would be cool.


I don’t know of any spots. Try to Google it maybe. :lizard::lizard::lizard:


I used to chew tobacco in my 20’s.

Not very healthy.

I enjoyed it more than smoking.


I used to chew when I was getting over cigs. Kinda miss it, but it really isn’t much “healthier” for you than smoking cigs


Ya it’s terrible for you but amongst my friends it was a daily thing so it was the norm. Tough to quit.


Taxes are crazy too in the north east. The further south you go the better prices. I was paying 10 buck when I was trying to quit. It was 5 when I started

In Florida an surrounding areas it’s about 4.50 all day long


Dipping and chewing tobacco is alien to us lot in the uk - Not sure you could even buy it over here. Fascinating. Wouldnt mind giving it a go tho as a 40 day smoker…


Do you have “snus”? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


No maybe in the uk - but not seen it in my local tobacconist. Think if im gonna try it - it probably would be an online purchase.


there has been research done on schizos and smoking, seems we tend to use extreme amounts of tobacco or nicotine compared to the average population. i have been dipping for 12 years. havent thought about quitting yet except for one time a few years ago when i got the lozenges and stopped for 2 weeks while on the lozenges. but for the past year i go through a tub of dip per week which is about 12 cans in one tub of dip which i guess would be about 2 cans a day. my favorite time to dip is after i have a meal and my jaw has been chewing food and my stomach is full it intensifies the buzz.


yeah your right - ive seen the research myself - people with mh problems tend to smoke like troopers. I know i do. Im on 40-50 rollups a day - probably more - if im up half the night. Its a “comfort” thing.


@rogerrob what tobacco do you roll?


Amber leaf usually - but Golden Virgina sometimes when i can snag sum duty free from the pub…


@rogerrob do you spin them your self or use a roller? Filters?


I found chew in the next town over that’s not going to comply with the removal of flavors. Quitting just got harder but I’m going to try an limit it to once every few weeks or months.


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