So after a few months or tobacco then vaping I am fully switched to vaping

3 months ago I had been tobacco only. I wanted to switch over to vape but kept up slipping up and having a ■■■.

But now I am solely vape. I tried a ciggie a couple of days ago but quit after like 2 puffs - tasted horrible.

So vape it is for me!

Deep down I would like to quit vaping someday too. But I am wise enough to know this isn’t the time


Way to go, @Jimbob!

I’m going to try to give up weed and vaping this week.

Good for us, making positive changes.


I havent had a cigarette in 4 days thanks to getting a molar pulled so im not allowed to smoke for 5 days. Ive been using Zyn pouches. Idk if ill go back to maybe just a few. I have half a pack left over. I too hate how they taste now. I can only smoke now with tic tacs in my cheeks.

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I started lowering the amount of cigarettes I smoked 6 week ago(4 pck of cigarrets x 10 us dollars per pack) down to 1.5 to 2 packets. I did so by the help of sucket free chewing gum.


Maybe i will switch to vaping too, its like 8 euro a week so it saves money

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I quit smoking and chew tobacco now. Only quit for breathing reasons. Would like to get my hands on some snus for work.