Cheeses! 🧀

I’m a plant based eater but I did used to enjoy brie cheese on a good day on buttered fresh bread roll. Mmmm

My sister in law is French.

When we went to France they would have a course of food that was bread and different types of cheeses.

I felt sick after but yea that’s because cheese is addictive for me.

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Smoked Gouda
Hot pepper jack

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Pepper jack for me

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What sort of plant based food do you eat everyday @Zoe just wondering if i can change my diet for the better


Stuff like wholegrain rice, nuts, fresh salad vegetables,

It’s simple but I like it!

I get microwave rice because I don’t like using the communal kitchen.

So I don’t cook anything!

I don’t necessarily recommend these suggestions.

What matters is that you feel good with your own food decisions :slight_smile:


Do you eat things with protein in them like eggs, milk, yoghurt

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I don’t anymore eat animal derived products.

I enjoy other sources of protein including beans, avocado and nuts.

I’m a crazy gal, but in a good way lol

Nothing wrong with eating eggs etc. If that’s your thing!


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