Charity donating

What would you say is a reasonable amount to pay to charities? As % of income. I believe in donating to charities , but there are so many out there and it’s easy to end up overdoing it.


I used to give a lot to this one local Animal Shelter, but Ive stopped donating lately.
I have been over doing it I think.

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Probably depends On what you can afford. 10 percent to some is just money that accumulates because they can’t spend it fast enough. To others 10 percent is the baby’s food money.


Just checked. This article suggests 0.7% of income .

Another article says the poorest fifth of Americans give 4.3% of their income which is a higher % than the richest fifth give.


according to Christian values you should give 10% of you overall annual income, i dont give much, at most i give about £20pm and as little as £5 sometimes which isnt very good but maybe when i get a job i can give some more.


Another problem is deciding which charities to concentrate on donating to.

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I donate throughout the year to two charities: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Make-A-Wish America.


I think a lot of people would agree and lots of churches teach this, and it definitely is a great practice and a good goal for some and for others a good starting place. But there is a good argument that the tieth is a Jewish law practice. The new testiment talks more about taking care of the needy and your fellow believers especially. In Acts believers pulled together and used it for all believers so that none were without . Quite different than today.

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Given that supposedly 28p OF Euro/National lottery tickets goes to good causes would you see that as part of charitable donating? Quite a few charities now have fairly small weekly/monthly lotteries.

Even without including that I certainly donate several times more than 1% to charities.

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I donate to Canadian Red Cross. I am not sure the percentage but it is like a small monthly donation.

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I used to donate to the Red cross-like you a small monthly donation.


I donated quite a bit to the Red Cross after the hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. I’ve kind of gotten myself in a bind financially. I think I have enough money saved to get through it. My brother told me that I might could get the interest on an account of money I inherited from my mom. My sister controls the estate, though, and she isn’t answering my calls. I can probably make it without the money from my mom’s estate, but I would be a lot more comfortable if I got that money.

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I have given some beautiful clothes to charity second hand shops.

I made slippers for emergency relief.

I hope to make a blanket for them aswell.

I do not have much as I am on centrelink payment.

Thankfully it is enough for food etc

I used to give a coin to buskers on street who played music .
It was sometimes only 20 cents but I enjoyed their effort.

I could never basket because I do not sing after a horrid behaved teacher said I have to mine and no sound is to be heard from me.

Strange that still there after so many years.

I have volunteer worked for riding for disabled but I was paranoid about the disabled people and staff all stealing from me and attacking me.

I volunteer worked at other places too.

I want to get pension and be well enough to volunteer work as it is less responsibility and easier and more realistic .

Meals on wheels or soup kitchen maybe.

I once gave money to wwf.
It was my dogs xmas gift that she was a carer supporter of a wild animal getting care to survive.

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I used to give to those two also!!


A good idea before giving to a charity is to research it online beforehand. There’s a lot of charity scams out there, you have to be careful. A good thing to look for when checking out a charity is how much of the money they collect actually goes to the cause they are supporting compared to how much the organization itself is keeping for themselves. Some charities will keep 25% or 35% of what they collect for “administrative costs” or “overhead”. Some keep even more.

So ideally, if you want to donate to a charity you want most of the money you give to go to the children, ill, animals etc. and NOT to paying for new furniture for the charities office or paying for their daily gourmet catered lunches. Some popular charities don’t always give enough to the people they are claiming to help.


I give where I can…

When your on a pension you do what you can. Most poor people give as much as they can. Don’t give two whoots to people like Taylor Swift who say they give to charity. She earns a million dollars a day and it’s a nice tax job and they do the minimum mostly. ( I’m not her accountant but just saying…if she sues me she can have my ten dollars! ) .

Give where you can! Don’t feel pressured to spend above what you can!

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hey guys, just an update about my donations recently,

I give to the guide dogs now (my mum is getting one) and i recently saved money on my energy bills and i am giving the money i saved to my clubhouse, I love my clubhouse bc they do so much for people like us, are helping so much,

I also gave some change to a beggar recently but i thought it might be better trying to help him than give him money, his eyes were shut anyway so i thought he was either tired, depressed or on drugs :frowning: i think he was depressed, i mean you would be if you were them i guess nobody would like to be like that.

If you’re schizophrenic people should donate to you since you’re already on this forum

I last donated to a Facebook friend who is doing the MacMillan’s “Brave the shave”.

I have been trying to buy Christmas gifts from a charity or eco sustainable company or locally made stuff such as cancer council , bamboo socks , lush etc

I bought a tshirt for my mums birthday from wwf but they expected her to pay tax and stuff at the post office.
I paid $55 for this t shirt and she never got it because she did not want to pay .
I am disappointed as they are a well known organisation and I thought they would handle this better than they did.
My mum still does not have her t shirt.
I will not buy from wwf again I think.

I sometimes make things but I’m not that great at many makings I do mainly

But can make a great lasagne.