Changed to shorts

I changed my clothing to shorts, because it is quite warm here in Finland. The summer is coming and I should think what fun I could do in the summer. Maybe I should go camping or something. Once in one summer I was in the psych ward and all people went to one religious place next to water. Some people swam, everybody went to sauna and then we did some canoeing and after all this there was a food buffet and we ate as much as we wanted, and then we made some pancakes. It was all arranged by the local psych ward and it was free. It was a lot of fun.


Summer is the time when I feel people judge my clothing wherever I go. In winter you can wear a big coat. Nobody notices other peoples clothes in winter. :tshirt:

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sounds amazing :slight_smile:

we’d never get that here lol


I want to go to your psych ward mjseu.

health care in the northern European countries is a world apart from ours, especially the handling of the mentally ill. I am not surprised, it sounds humane and respectful to let you guys enjoy life regardless of being mental patients. Here in the US, there is some serious ■■■■■■■■ in some psych wards. No coffee and cigarettes is maybe the most offensive and ignorant thing I have heard of so far- restraints are bad but you’ve gotta be a danger to find yourself in restraints. Coffee and cigarettes are necessary for us- I have written papers and given presentations on this. Both serve to relieve symptoms and decrease sedation and sluggishness caused by medications (albeit by lowering the blood levels of medications).

I am fully recovered and smoke 10-15 cigarettes a day and drink around 400mg of caffeine. I need both to function, caffeine every 4 hours and a cigarette every hour. I function uncannily highly by the way.

Schizophrenics are reported to have dramatically lower rates of cancer despite our average habit of a pack a day and 5 cups of coffee. 90% if people with schizophrenia smoke, most of them are heavy smokers, and virtually everybody who has schizophrenia drinks multiple cups of coffee per day.

I started nicotine and caffeine binging before and after school while I was prodromal and still in high school. Now I am fully recovered and need caffeine and nicotine to function. And it’s justified by my level of functioning! I am an outstanding success for my doctors, I am something to brag about, a fully recovered paranoid schizophrenic who functions very highly, more highly than most normal people. Oh, and he smokes and drinks coffee throughout the day. Falls asleep and is a zombie if he doesnt have his coffee, feels like hes gonna go insane again if he doesnt have a cigarette every hour.

I should start a new topic about this, it just sparked an idea I am sorry for ranting.

In restraints many times myself and the only danger was I might escape, no wonder, who wants to go where they don’t serve coffee.

When I was in hospital they served coffee 8 AM and 3 PM. Smoke every second hour. But I don’t smoke so I couldn’t go out. I was in there for 3 months before I could go for a walk. There were ppl in restraints too. I never was even though I was in a fight. But I only protected myself from a girl who tried to kick me.