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so i have be doing cbt for nearly a year now, i started in january of this year.
last december i was going to commit suicide it was that bad…all my symptoms were through the roof.
as it stands now…my symptoms have lessened apart from the ’ core ’ sz and the ocd (which has been ramping up…off and on…it was quiet on that front ).
my clinical psychologist thinks its a bit of a miracle…but hey i’ll take what i can get.
so i highly recommend it.
i was ready for the challenge
i had nothing to lose…i had hit rock bottom
i had been in psychosis for 8 months
but for me ;
it was confronting…
it hurts emotionally…
i went through an array of emotions…
but i am better for it.
i am still doing the cbt…but these are my thoughts so far.
take care from serious dark sith :alien:


I’m glad to hear it’s working out for you😃


I do have a question though. With doing CBT you don’t take any medicine at all?


I found different parts of cbt helpful for different things, not always things they intended it to help. Like when they did sensory stuff, like feeling things and saying what you see, taste, whatever, worked terrible for managing my anxiety and panic but great for my depersonalization. It also helped me become aware of negative thought processes that lead to anxiety spikes and episodes. So yeah, I guess I found it helpful as well.

I’m glad you’re doing so much better. It’s a long and emotional journey and that’s ok. FEEL ALL THOSE FEELINGS :blush:


What’s cbt? People always tell me to google things which I find annoying. Lots of times when you google things you end up with some nut job’s opinion that has nothing to do with fact. Every time I try to google an old medicine, like buspar, there doesn’t seem to be any information from the company that makes it. I know they aren’t always forthright which is why all these lawsuits happen. But I find it helpful because I feel like it gives me at least some general over view. Lots of my meds don’t come with those little instruction/disclaimer packets that tell you what to watch for, how it works (or at least how they think it works, ect.)


i took meds for less than 6 months when i was 26…i could hardly get a sentence out the shrink dosed me up so much.
he wanted to put me in the mental ’ home '.
so i came off the meds, stayed away from shrinks and the medical profession for 20 years untill last december.
i have had sz since early childhood.
instead of meds i did a tonne of natural things and i have always had chronic sz and the rest.
take care :alien:


cbt is cognitive behaviour therapy…your shrink would explain it better than i can or your clinical psychologist.
but it is working for me.
i recommend it…but then i am sz…lol
take care :alien:


I think it’s amazing that you function so well without meds. I’m afraid to go without meds because the times I did I ended up in the hospital. It’s also a guy at the mental health center I go to he did the same and now he works there as a counselor of sorts. I love the success stories they give me hope.


i don’t have children so it is easier for me.
mrs. sith is a geat support…i would not be here if i had not met her at 23.
i am a big believer in the word ’ hope '.
take care :alien:


what you think the cbt is going to help you with…it doesn’t.
it seems to push in my experience random buttons in your brain…and then cures you of things you never expected…!?!
take care :alien:


I would like it if you explaining it and/or recommending a site I can go to to learn about it. I don’t think that my therapist would be able to do it, I think that I might be her first sz patient, but she is working out very well for me. Next time I go to my doctor I have some issues that would probably take up most of the time. Is there some things that I could try on my own? Like the guided meditation scripts. You are at the beach, the tide is receding, ect. Or do you have to have someone help you?
Thank you! :smile: It sounds very interesting.


i just googled then click on " what is cbt ? "
it is an australian site but it explains it well…but there are a tonne of sites…
it does not take away my sz but it has helped me with depression, psychosis, ocd , paranoia, anger, childhood…ptsd.
hope this helps.
take care :alien:


thanks for sharing that im in CBT not sure its helping much glad its helping you.


I’m so glad this is working out for you. It’s not easy either. Congratulations for sticking with it. I gave up a few times… but the went back to it.

CBT has helped me cope with a lot of the secondary problems of this illness, and the guilt and the anger.

I think it’s very helpful.


I wouldn’t be here had it not been for CBT, and that’s a fact.


It was a last resort for me, and after 4 years of CBT I look forward to every time we meet. He’s become family and if you’re lucky enough to be connected to a great therapist be grateful, if not keep looking.


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good work my friend.

ive been using some CBT techniques and also some ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) techniques they both help


Thank you! It looks very interesting.