Noticed changes


i am not checking the house before bed or when i go out.
i am not looking at people in the street as a threat, i hardly notice them.
i always knew where my anger really was from but now i accept it, i am not seemingly transferring the anger to some poor innocent.
my heart rate has lowered it has been high all my life now it is in the normal scale.
i started cbt yesterday but have been talking to my clinical psychologist for five months, suddenly things seem to be happening to me.
this forum has helped me, it is like having extra therapy sessions !
when i leave this earth plain i will be able to fly away in my space ship and have more adventures… " hoorraayy !!! "
take care.


Are you taking medicines?


yey! darksiths im getting CBT soon i need many adventures too lol make up for lost times tcx


both of my shrinks did not want me to take meds as i have learnt coping mechanisms over the years.
though on occasion i have thought about it.
take care


i am glad you are getting cbt soon , i have been warned it will bring up stuff but hey i am up for it…we siths’ are not afraid of anything !?!
take care


That’s good. I hope you can continue without having to depend on them.


darksith ive had it before last time she got me going to the supermarket and smiling a men and writing down their repsonce omg the weirdness but mosty of them smiled back. not sleeping has its benefits just watched the sun come up with my dogs needed something like that tc


I’ve found that too.


You sound happy, and hopefully this is a sign that you can relax more and breathe with ease.

Congratulations on the CBT. It really helped me. I needed the meds to be stable enough to get to therapy, but after that, learning how to cope and getting some therapy really jump started me on a better path.

good luck and I hope you keep feeling better.


@darksith I have heard mixed results of CBT with schizophrenia, but if it’s working for you, that’s outstanding! You seem very friendly and rather outgoing. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen you with nothing really to say except “Hello and welcome…have a good day.” That’s very pleasant to see. The rate of success of szers without medication is low, but I’m very happy you don’t have to go through the hell of taking meds like most of us do.


thanks to everyones’ kind words and support, hugs to you all.
take care


That’s great news! Congrats!


good for you…CONGRATULATIONS !!!