Recovering.........there is hope

i had a breakdown…could not think, could not read, could not communicate…complete shutdown.
i would come on to the forum but i was unable to say anything…frozen.
i am still a fully functioning sz, but i have not had a problem being sz, seeing hell, aliens, demons…voices…blah…blah…blah.
but my other symptoms have caused most of the pain and problems.
i have severe depression
chronic psychosis…these are all lessening.
it can be a bit like ’ whack a mole at times ’ but i am getting better.
the cbt is pushing buttons, but i am healing and recovering quicker.

my brain seems to be growing new neuron pathways…i have logic…which deluded me in the past…it was all emotion.
take care


really glad to see you post Mr. Sith. we all missed you I’m sure I can say for a lot of us that missed your presence.


The CBT has been helping all along and didn’t trigger these problems?

Anyway, glad your engines are started again.


I’m so glad to hear that… I too feel like I’m constantly playing “whack-a-mole” too. I hit one symptom… and another comes up some where else.

But the fact that your getting back over it sooner, and feeling stronger sooner is a great sign of healing…

Good luck and we’ll both try to keep those moles guessing.


I feel my daily routine had helped me in recovery and being stable.I would say the attitude of being positive,trying to be grateful and stop feeling sorry for myself is very important,I can function well if I had all these three attitude at mind

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Yes there certainly is hope for us…

I took a walk tonight around the house where I mostly went crazy…didn’t live there the whole time more off and on but it is still where I withdrew from the world and went crazy. It’s strange going back there now that I am stable and free of my symptoms…all those memories of delusions and suffering and whatnot…misery.

But I am gratefully beyond all that now…I never imagined during the time I lived in that house that I would one day be free of the symptoms that had me in their grips…I didn’t even recognize them as symptoms back then…that’s how crazy I was.

But anyway I can relate to the whack a mole thing…I may be living free of Sz symptoms but man I am all messed up regardless…I already was before my onset anyway…there always seems to be something popping up to cause me trouble…I suppose I don’t even see the goal as complete and total recovery from all that ails me anyway…I soldier on though, I soldier on…what else can I do but continue to get even better by the day? I’m certainly not going backwards that’s for damn sure.

Geez…sorry this wasn’t supposed to be this long a post…just kept on typing as the mind dictated I guess.


dark sith, I’m sorry to hear you went through such a dark time. My pdoc told me that your psychosis will get worse and worse each time if you don’t take meds. I hope you consider the help of antipsychotics.

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