Cbt....my report on it

thank you for thinking i have it ’ mentaly together '…but the truth is you see the best of me on here.
on my good and bad days i try to be positive and laugh and joke around and always encourage others on this forum…even when i am hurting.
my clinical psychologist describes me as a suicide risk…it is a constant thought in my mind.
i don’t fear death so…
yes i have always worked be it washing dishes to farm work to now running a business,( though for the last year i have had disability payments ) and yes i am happily married…and i have found contentment.
but like you i suffer from sz and all the rest and that can send me into a spiral upwards ( a sz high ) or a spiral downwards…
but as i said the cbt is working for me in a ’ miracle ’ way…i don’t want to ’ jinx ’ it…i can’t even describe how grateful i am to have some of my mind back…!!!

i am sorry you had a really rough time, but remember as you get up in the morning, that you are a unique being in this world , there is no one else like you.
hold your head up high because you are battling one of the worst mental illnesses you can get.
feel good and give yourself a pat on the back when you achieve small and large achievements, be it taking public transport or going into a shop and getting something.
experience gives us knowledge which leads us to a quiet wisdom.

i am here today because i have a person standing beside me who is stronger than i.
when i fall she lifts me up.
when i cannot walk she carries me.
i have not done meds, mrs.sith actually discouraged me from doing meds.
she told me " to stand up on my own two feet, and win back my mind "…
she has been my medication, my shrink, my clinical psychologist when i needed her.
don’t get me wrong i have no fear of anything…i am very tough…but there have been times when my mind has gone into freefall and there is only madness…
that is when mrs. sith kicks in.
mrs. sith is why i am still here.

take care from :alien:


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