Pondering on recovering


i was thinking to myself…
" that the more i get well, the more tired i am of being ill ".
i am really tired of having mentall illnesses.
i am getting better, the cbt is working miracles for me…
but it is tiring fighting your mind…
take care, another dark thought from dark sith :alien:


but you have the tools to help yourself if you so choose to we all deserve that.


i am glad you are still here.
i neally got banned too, i’m sure a while back…
know that i care
take care from :alien:


thanks, I care about you too…ive got a pink bunny on my fridge!


Have you ever tried “There’s no reason to feel so unwanted.”


I feel I use up every bit of willpower I have fighting delusions and ideas of reference. Sometimes I just want to let it to take me under but I know where that leads and I trudge along anyway, not really getting anywhere.


@dandydinmot cool, i think i will look for a :rabbit: bunny magnet for the fridge that is a good idea …i llloovvveee the bunny :rabbit:
@chordy is that a book ? my :dog: is saying " woof "…( ’ hello ’ in dog language ) :wink:
@gainesms i have to say cbt is working for me, not on the core of the sz but everything that surrounds it the ocd, ptsd ,depression, psychosis…i highly recommend it…but it was confronting for me , but well worth the pain.
take care from the sane :alien:


No, not a book. I just discovered it in my mind.


What is CBT? @darksith


cognitive behaviour therapy…i do it with a clinical psychologist.
you can look it up on the net…there is also ’ compassion focused therapy.’
they have been doing this in the u.k for 5 years by a guy called professor gilbert.
i do the first one.
to be honest most of it is a blur when i have my appointment…but i guess it is about working through different issues…if you are ready emotionally…want to change…and work at your own pace towards that change…i highly recommend it.
take care form the sane :alien:


Thank you, I’ve never heard of it. I’ll look it up.


i feel the same way usually


I’m so glad something is working for you.

You sound happier.

Hope you keep getting stronger.


We’re all our own worst enemies. My ■■■■ is all basically hurting myself. I think the first step is accepting the fact that we are mentally ill, then hope of something better than what we live with comes next. I’ve changed dramatically in the past year and a half, had to sort out some personal issues that were pretty scary at first, mainly my fear of females and feeling like I was a label and just an illness. I like to say that I am a person who has schizophrenia, not just a schizophrenic. There’s something about that label that just doesn’t sound right to me. Like a diabetic, that doesn’t sound right, basically calling someone diabetes. It’s not right


good on you…you seem more focussed and driven.
you have put in alot of hard work and the good results you are having are evident.
take care from the sane :alien:


Very wise words Mortimermouse. My Psychologist told me the exact same thing about 6 months ago.


I also adopted this phrase from our mouse. Just change the focus. Human first… illness later.


Regarding cbt I think its preference to the individual I didn’t like cbt and it didn’t help me. ( at the time) if my pdoc suggests do I want more I don’t know if I want more of it.