CBD might be able to replace antipsychotics

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i personally like plain jane as they have prices lower than any other, i sometimes get an 1/8th oz (3.5g) of hemp flower for less than $10

CBD made me bug the frig out.

It was homegrown ACDC and I still ended up having psychosis and extreme paranoia that lasted for like, 4 hours.

I would really like to be able to smoke again-- I miss the headchange that comes with it.

…But I dunno, I can’t afford a relapse.

Would smoking on Abilify do anything, or would the AP just cancel everything out?


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i got increased psychosis on ap’s after a week of smoking hemp flower everyday (which still has some thc) so no the ap doesnt really cancel it out but it can make it slightly less intense. i dont use it anymore its not worth it and i worry about failing drug tests or something

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lol CBD doesnt do smack. WEED…it works…I NEED SOME 420

You are a very logical thinker. I respect that.

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CBD is usually taken as oil under the tongue. I take a bit of CBD isolate, processed to remove all THC.

I’ve tried all kinds of cbd and it never helped at all. If it helps some people I’m all for it but people make it out to be this miracle cure all for everything (I saw there is cbd toothpaste?)

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CBD for psychosis is dead unfortunately.

A company called GW pharmaceutical were the only ones pursuing it and they’ve dropped it.

I did a search of CBD and schizophrenia in clinical trials ongoing. There are about 9 trials ongoing.


I hope so. I love it and think it will do everything for schizophrenia, more than anything else they’ve developed.

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I’m smoking hemp cbd now. I really enjoy it, but for me…cbd doesn’t do anything to get rid of schizophrenia.

But that’s not to say cbd is bad. It just doesn’t do anything for schizophrenia.

I feel sorry for us schizophrenics…not being able to enjoy weed. Some schizophrenics can’t enjoy cbd, such a shame.

I think I’m having success with b vitamins though.

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I think the article focus on the CBD oil extracted rather than smoking since it contains thx as well

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From what I’ve seen is that cbd may help some people but it doesn’t come in a pure form, as it comes from weed. It always has trace amounts of thc which will royally screw up your brain so…I’m not gonna try it anytime soon.

I think cbd can come from hemp as well as marijuana.

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I would settle if CBD could replace Benzos. Would love to be off klonopin someday.

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Fake news. My brain is bacon.

Bacon so hard!


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