Marijuana based "antipsychotic"

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Thanks for posting this.

I’m pretty sure my son would totally be on board with it, as he still dabbles in marijuana, most likely for the anti-anxiety properties that the CBD provides. I wish this could be manufactured very soon!


There are expensive oils made from hemp which are legal. I ordered some ill probably post about it so stay tuned. CBD for the win.


Bryan, yes pls keep us posted.

Question though – what do you do with the oil?

I think they import it as food additive. Im jsut going to take a few drops first and see how it goes. its a very low dosage. The bottle I purchased is only 100 mg. I suppose you could add it to food.

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I was talking to my cousin about this today

canabis oil can be used to treat epilepsy in my area

I don’t see this helping me. When I smoke marijuana (which I haven’t for more than 10 years) I hallucinate like crazy. Voices are so loud and I feel like I’ve completely relapsed in an instant.

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THC is a compound in weed, that creates the high, and psychotic symptoms. The new marijuana based meds will not contain THC - only CBD another compound found in marijuana. CBD has anti anxiety, antipsychotic proprties and will not make you “high”

Who knows maybe it will work then.

I am hoping that it will work, maybe even eradicate all of my symptoms - who knows

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Smoking pot makes schizophrenia worse so I’d have to see a ton more research on this. Also…will it test positive on drug screens? Wouldn’t want someone to lose their job.

Smoking pot does make schizophrenia worse, and this is directly because of the THC chemical found in marijuana.
The newer marijuana based antipsychotics will have no THC in them. They will have the chemical CBD in them, and CBD has been found to be beneficial for psychosis and anxiety - it does not negatively add to psychosis and does not make you “high”


This is very interesting,

Back when I was growing for personal consumption in my earlier 20’s I chose a strain very high in CBD as I’d heard good things about it even back then as far as treating anxiety. Very interesting, I’ll stay posted on this type of research.

As far as THC goes, it does not make me symptomatic but it can give me some weird discomfort and anxiety. I’ve found that it can be good for me a few times a year as it tends to make me far more aware of things about myself that I am usually living in denial of. It sort of opens my mind in a way when used sporadically and in small doses.

But this is just me of course, THC is of course notorious for worsening symptoms of schizophrenia and from what I’ve seen it can often make symptoms completely go away for a while…and then come back two fold.

So it all depends on the individual when it comes to this stuff and caution is urged.

Hi I took part in the trial, some good some bad effects may be different for you but I believe it has potential still. There may be a trial near you?

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How did you do on it? What were the effects for you? Was it a beneficial experience overall?

Hi , it was a mixed experience! It took a few days to work and had thought I had the placebo in the drug trial but I then got short waves of feeling slightly better but also a little trippy. This continued into a night of intense confidence/euphoria but then a come down of anxiety. It never got horrendous but my driving suffered and had to stop taking it. It did however dramatically reduce the weight gain/swelling from the main drug I take. I took cbd as an adjunctive drug.

Hope I have not disappointed people if they refine it more maybe it could be a good alternative?


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Yes I’d agree with that!