CBD (Cannabis) for Schizophrenia

I was just researching CBD for the treatment of epilepsy (I have a dog who is epileptic), but came across some fascinating articles about CBD being used for the alleviation of the symptoms of schizophrenia. It seems like the research is just beginning and we are a ways away from a CBD pill hitting the market, though.

My brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia several years ago, so I am interested in CBD as an alternative or supplemental treatment for him. He has experienced many negative side effects from the drugs he is currently on, including weight gain. It sounds like CBD can be just as effective as commonly prescribed pharmaceutical options for schizophrenia, but without the uncomfortable side effects.

Has anyone had any direct experience with using CBD oils, capsules, tinctures, or gums? Or I also wonder if beneficial results could be achieved from smoking marijuana strains that are high in CBD, but low in THC? Any information about personal experiences and doses of CBD are appreciated.

Thank you.


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Hi crsaen,

It has been found that THC (the psychoactive component in marijuana) can make some symptoms of schizophrenia worse (anxiety and paranoia). And, of course, most strains of marijuana are high in THC. So I’m sure that is what you smoked. My brother has been a long time marijuana smoker, but he has recently made the decision to stop because it tends to worsen his symptoms.

CBD, on the other hand, is a compound found in marijuana that is non-psychoactive and it seems to lessen the symptoms of schizophrenia, sometimes just as effectively as pharmaceutical drugs according to some studies. So that is what I am curious about, the non-psychoactive compound of marijuana. There are several strains out there that are very high in CBD and low in THC, and these have made headlines lately as a viable treatment for epilepsy in children (and adults too). Now it has been shown to be helpful for schizophrenia too.

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Thank you. I saw these, but they don’t seem to answer my questions. I am really looking forward to further studies and eventually approval of CBD pills specifically for schizophrenia. But until then… I’m curious if there are any recommended doses/personal stories for what is available to us now (oils, tinctures, etc).

I have yet to see any postings by people who have tried it. I think its actually illegal in most states except Colorado right now - perhaps others can add their thoughts on this here.

You can see this search on google shopping search engine here for sources. Perhaps you and your brother can try it out, talk with his doctor and let us know results:


Thanks. I think the CBD oil itself is perfectly legal in all fifty states because it does not contain the psychoactive component. It’s just really hard to know what an appropriate dosage would be… but I suppose we’ll have to experiment with that.

Thanks again, all :smile:

Hi - I recommend you check out Pubmed and see if you can find the clinical studies that have been done on CBD and the dosings they use. That would be a good place to start.

It is, from what the earlier person who posted on here said - quite expensive. I think he said 300 mg/day was what was tested.


Ah - here is that quote by on member here who tried it: Seems like its going to cost about $100/day from this person’ experience. Let us know if you find other information related to this that would be of interest to people.

Here is a search on CBD oil on google’s shopping search engine - you can see the current pricing seems to make it far to expensive for anyone I know, if the dose is 300 mg of CBD (not just 300 mg of oil - you need 300 mg of the active substance) per day:


That is what I found when I looked it up. Prohibitively expensive.

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Hmm, that’s unfortunate. I am really looking forward to the day when a CBD pill specifically for schizophrenia becomes available. Thanks for all the info, everyone! :smile:

Here is a website which sells the CBD oil from the strain of marijuana called Charlotte’s Web. It’s one of the strains with the high CBD;low THC ratio. It is, however, a type of Sativa, which can have an excitable effect versus Indica which can be calming. Doing a lot of research as I live in Colorado and would like to try this avenue.