Cavemen and Schizophrenia/Depression

Previously, I had mentioned that sometimes I wondered if schizophrenia could be due to some remnants of Neanderthal DNA in homo sapiens. My reasoning was that perhaps some of us had the telepathy/though prejection delusions because it may have come from an animalistic behavior. My thoughts were, animals don’t speak to each other, they communicate through movements, gestures, sounds, and sometimes even through scent.

I believe I had mentioned how I felt maybe some of us were picking up some sort of phermones or brain waves similar to how some animals communicate and how humanity may have communicated before developing intricate speech. Well, as it turna out there may be some merit to that belief of remnant caveman DNA possibly being a factor for mental illnesses.

Here is a link to a scientific study. (Don’t worry mods this does not reinforce any telepathy delusions)

According to the study, we sufferers of schizophrrnia, and/or depression might process zinc differently due to a genetic correlation with Denisovan DNA.

An interesting read regarding research on schizophrenia.


I really like different ideas, thanks for sharing yours.

I have this idea that it is due to environmental effects of magnetic waves and frequencies on our brain. We shape it into the sub, the con and the suss.

I think the increase in dopamine makes us fight against it more. But then we can get carried away.

I really like knowing what peoples ideas are.


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I do think that when umedicated, my mind perceives facial expressions much differently. Often it ends in paranoid thoughts as if people look down on me or something completely different is on their mind to what they’re saying to me. I don’t get aggravated, I instead end up staying quiet trying my best to pretend that I’m normal whilst the illness has me believing I may be hearing a word or a phrase of a person’s inner thoughts. I’ve found responding to those thoughts usually sounds incoherent to the ongoing discussion.

That’s sort of what I feel is the animalistic behavior I felt could have to do with remnants of DNA from a species other than homosapien. I mean, it’s slightly difficult to explain but something along the lines of the paragraph above. I take my meds daily now, haven’t missed a single dose in several months.

Anyone had a similar feeling before regarding perception of facial expressions?

Snarky smiles? A forced look of concern? Subconscious(or concscious) sarcastic sincerity? I mean it is possible some people are like that and people without a mental illness may recognizes subtle cues so it may be a real thing but I do believe my reaction to these things os quite different than that of someone who does not suffer from a mental illness.

Caveman communication?