Shamanism and the Evolutionary Origins of Schizophrenia -

Hey Pedro-
Great video! I have been thinking for a while about this. Do you notice that you have anything that psychiatrists would call delusion but you call powers? Or do you notice any synchronicities that happen around you for one reason or another? I see ravens around town, and if I pay attention to when I see them, they give me advice. This started about 14 years ago. What do you read further on this stuff? I could recommend a few books I think. One is A Course in Miracles, as it teaches you the power of the relationship between your mind and reality, and if you have what this video says that book could probably do some pretty wondrous things for you, at least the workbook part. Also creative visualization by shakti gawain. I think people with schizophrenia have a gift, not a curse. I have used it for money a few times, and can tell you how I did that if you are interested. Very much want to hear from you! good to see someone on the same wavelength.