Gaining a New Insight or Delusion?

I have been off and on this board since way back. Different login names because I would forget it and have to redo.

The more I read posts here, I realize that there are way too many of us that have same or similar delusions, hallucinations, voices etc. for it to be coincidence. We are not talking mass delusion here from a virus - there is a reason - there is more to it that science is not grasping. Sz symptoms have been around for awhile, it is not new.

As a species, humans evolve and not usually in a single bound but over millions of years. I believe this is my new insight but you can call it delusion. I say sz is part of the evolution of humans to transform into something new - where we no longer rely solely on the body. We are being prepared for what the reality will be. Our genetics will carry this further and advance the species as it does. All of this the delusions, hallucinations, voices are real in a world without physical limitations. A world where man will no longer be constrained by the physical realm. Where everything we as sz believe - telepathy, obe, all of it will be known and accepted as truth. It took almost 3mil years to go from using stone tools to cooking. Known written symptoms of what we know as early sz go back to 2millenium BC. So we have far to go, but we are evolving.


I read once that one day everyone will be SZ. Maybe without the psychosis, but what will be psychosis if it’s the norm? After all neanderthals aren’t capable of SZ. I think SZ is an advanced brain, but there is chaos involved.

I said once in the sober house “One day every one will be SZ” and everybody looked at me funny, it’s not the absolute truth but not as far fetched as you think.

Am I understanding your post right?

yes but that is just one step in the evolutionary process in my theory. We are ahead of the game I think because most of us have suffered some form of trauma that put our systems into overdrive at a faster developmental rate. Sz is just the beginning. We only have a sliver of the unknown known to come. As we evolve maybe 1mil yrs or shorter or longer because we have no definite time of when the process started. Future historians will be able to look back and say this was the timeline of evolution - like we do now for the past evolutions.

I do not know the full picture of what we are evolving towards. But it will be an expansion of what we with sz are experiencing. Telepathy, OBE, Lucid Dreaming all of these can lead to time/space travel, communication without verbal resonance. The possibilities are limitless and astounding.

Meds slow the effects the process has on us to keep us semi-sane for the rest of society and at times for ourselves. But from studies I have been reading lately, some scientists are slowly beginning to understand the benefits of sz and as long as they don’t get stuck in the box, and allow themselves to open their view, we may get there faster. There are some evolutionary psychology theorists that already theorize sz was a natural genetic selection throughout the years with physiological advances to form a more disease and infection resistant mutation.

I don’t glorify the illness, sorry. Causes too much heartache for me to idolize it. It’s scary, the world of living imagination, and I hope in the future there is a cure for this.

I don’t think we’re special because we have it, I think we have qualities that neurotypicals don’t need to develop in their lifetimes because of it. But also, being stuck in our own delusional thoughts and not living reality is a nightmare, even if it seems like a sweet dream.

The fact that we share delusions and hallucinations is still a mystery, but like symptoms for pneumonia are x and y, so are the symptoms for sz. It’s not magical, it just is.

The only fact here is that scientists haven’t exactly figured the brain out yet, and when they do, a lot of questions about this illness will be answered.


I don’t think we are special because we have sz. Just the opposite - we are the caveman to the walking man. But all scientific facts have begun as theories with many adjustments to those theories before conclusion and some that were thought as fact were then disproved. Only time will tell, and none of us will be alive to know the final result.

Nooo, don’t think in extremes! We’re normal people with an illness. We have normal people issues, and issues with the illness. We’re not cavemen to the walking men, we’re walking men with an illness.


But I feel better thinking that way. I can accept my illness and not allow it to rule me. I don’t have to be afraid. I can just be. Isn’t that what acceptance is about? Maybe I am becoming more delusional off meds. I do have a pdoc appt finallly! This coming Tuesday.

I see my pdoc in 14 hours! Can’t wait. Big time stuff we gotta talk about, about my move to washington

Good luck with that appointment :slight_smile: I think it’s a clear sign that things aren’t so well when we think we’re special because of an illness, it’s a bit of a grandiose remain symptom.

“We’re all equal, but some are more equal than others”

no this is different my grandiose idea is that I am the Protector of Spirits in waiting. That I will be a Royal Fighter for God at the End of Days War on Earth. I still believe that as well, but I know it is considered grandiose. This I think is based as a scientific-evolutionary psychological theory.

It’s so cold there. Will you still be on here?

It’s too early for this :expressionless: :slight_smile: Call it all you want, I think like all illnesses are untreated or treated poorly until it’s discovered a vaccine or treatment, and that’s all there is really. There is no magic behind it.

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its not cold there it only snows once a year

and yes i will be here

its cold where i live now

olympia, washingtons winters are pretty mild, so are their summers. The pacific jet stream or some booooooooooooshit makes it so the temperature stays relatively constant all year long

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The problem is the word delusion itself. It assumes that there is a correct andirrefutable conception of Reality that is all conclusive. I’ve said this before and if we didn’t think there we’re a proper and all inclusive conception of Reality then everyone is essentially “delusional” until that conception is finally understood. This also means that illness is a relative term. Relative only to a concept of total sanity.

Its become obvious to me over several months of contemplating that the brain is only the interpreter. Of course it doesn’t sit right with me completely at times. But what should be obvious is that what is seen is mostly dependant on the senses themselves.
“The foot feels the foot when it touches the ground” - Buddha
But then from where does this information of the sense spring?
“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.” - Nikola Tesla

Anyway great topic, but I think still that the issue of a mental disease is still pertinent. This doesn’t necessarily mean that delusion is not a real thing that people will suffer from. Though, mass delusion is still more prominent then people may realize having said this, no?

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Yes mass delusion is more prominent than most realize. However, I don’t think there have been any cases of mass delusions where the individuals have not had personal contact with the others experiencing the delusion. Mass delusions most often occur in groups or sect of people living together such as the Halifax delusion in 38’ or the Brunei incident in 2010. To think sz is a mass delusional event would be the first of its kind as its affects are seen globally and not just in close-quarter proximity of individuals.

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I really enjoyed this post and the comments. Just throwing that out there. Lol

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