I really like this site and


This site is great it’s like a support group, place to learn, vent, and it’s interesting.

And I wanna share a couple theories I have on SZ. We are good people…too sensitive for society. We use schizophrenia as an evolutionary defense mechanism on the crazed world which we live in. I don’t think we are crazy. I think we are the more sane ones. Insanity is just a word. Who’s to say they’re not the crazy ones. We are slightly dysfunctional but we live in a dysfunctional world. Neanderthals are not capable of Schizophrenia. Not saying we are furtherly evolved if that’s the case, but it is a defense mechanism that only humans possess. Schizophrenia that is. Not saying it’s not painful and all, but we all need a little ego boost. I think we are lacking in our egos and sense of self importance. I don’t know, I think about the word “ego” a lot and I think it’s a word that drives you crazy so I wouldn’t recommend thinking about it too much, but people who aren’t schizo are all highly narcissistic I feel while we tend to be more empathetic, sensitive and nice. That’s all I’ll say. I’ve met schizophrenics who are scary, unkind people. So there are certaintly exceptions, but on this site everyone seems pretty nice. Thanks!


totally agree turning the page a refusal to fit into social norms is not an illness its a choice LOL