Don't think they like me genes man

How could me genes be involved in something that was caused entirely from an outside source.

If genes are an issue here then man they don’t like me genes one bit huh.

Why do this to certain genes is the question? Who they do it to and why?

You can’t breed schizophrenia out of the gene pool, because it isn’t a part of the gene pool. Some just get their minds screwed with man. Ain’t no biological causes man.

As long as they are here this will keep happening, simple, can’t breed them out.

It’s so stupid listening to all of this. They are trying to find the genetic factors involved in my murder and torment. Getting the olde invisible torture fest, causes alot of confusion id say.

So science, why would they attack certain people is the question? Better look into it before you screw up some more. Go talk to the shaman and witch man, they’ll tell you all about it.

How are you keeping, Pans…haven’t seen you around in a while. :slight_smile:

I think environmental trauma is a big part of Sz…not entirely convinced that it is carried or passed on through the genes as well.

I do because it runs in my family. I know that wasn’t the whole story though.

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Yes, i was banned for wanting to do mandatory abortions for all pregnancies world wide.

But im fine now.

Not ‘entirely convinced’, but open to the possibility of it I suppose. Probably a mix/combo of the two…environment and pre-disposed genetics.

Nah bro, it’s muh fuqin spirits.

Seriously, im gettin the old murder from spirits. Straight outta horror flick yo, sucks.

Ask tha shaman, ask tha witch, they can show peoples what tha problem be.

Hang in there, chum! You’ve got a lot of fans behind you on this site!

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Dude you guys are ■■■■■■ up!

The irony and perhaps hilarity of two schizophrenics debating a topic on a schizophrenic forum, and then being told by a third schizophrenic that we are both f*cked up, is not lost on me at all.


Hey pans! Hope you’re doing ok. Good to see you back. Try not to get banned so much!!


**Glad to see you @pansdisease! :rice_scene: **