Cat with microchip

My cat has a microchip behind his ear in case he gets lost. I’m starting to wonder if it’s for more than that. I’d never hurt him and is that too freaking wrong to worry about?

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Welcome to the club

It sounds a bit like paranoia, I think (not sure). Microchips are great tools for helping to find pets. You didn’t hurt your kitty- don’t worry. I have always microchipped, except for small animals like my guinea pigs.

I seriously hurt myself cutting a perceived microchip out my armpit. I now monitor the thoughts very well as I don’t want thoughts about microchips to fester as it can lead to bad things for me.

Thanks it’s an off day for me…my sister is coming by who I love and trust…short notice so I am paranoid she somehow knew I’ve been having a hard few days…normal sister caring I guess makes everything suspect.

My dogs have microchips. My cats do not.

The microchip is an RFID chip with a string of text on it, nothing spooky.

So they don’t have any tracking abilities? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

No, there’s no GPS or other tracking ability to it. Just like having a nametag on a collar, but in chip form.


Good to know. :dog2::dog2::dog2:

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The chip does nothing unless it is scanned. Then it transmits an ID number to the screen of the scanner, which can be looked up on a microchip registry to identify the animal’s owner.

It is not a tracking device.

Please don’t hurt your cat.


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