Can't stop pacing, help?

How do you stop pacing?

It is uncontrollable and instinctive like hair pulling.

Hard to get anything done when you have to get up and walk back and forth. Hard to stop. Any suggestions? Always happens to me late at night.

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I used to have that problem except I would pace during the day. In time I managed to stop it

When I was on Prolixin I could not stop pacing. How long have you been doing this? Do you think it might be a med. that is causing it? Maybe you could get a med change if you really want to stop pacing.

I’ve done it for many years but in the last year, it has become more intense and impulsive. I don’t think the meds would be causing it. I’m taking a decent amount of abilify and some zoloft.

It was ap’s that did it to me - Haldol and Prolixin. God I hate those drugs.

it’s called akathesia and is a common side effect of antipsychotics. Do you take your meds before bed instead of in the morning? that might help, also I find if I am occupied on the computer I don’t do it as much. Although I feel for you, it does get annoying.

Are you on Abilify could it be mania?

Abilify made me very anxious had to come off it

Mind you I was on clozaril also and abilify was added at 5 mg

I don’t think so. When I go into mania, I am very irrational, and would’ve be able to carry out this ‘conversation’ without a million typos or weird statements…

Yeah, it does add to the anxiousness. To read my biology book, I put it on a treadmill and just fast walked while I read. It was the most successful reading I’ve done in months XD.

I take them at night time. I end up pulling out hair to counter the impulse to pace. It is a nasty cycle and not recommended.

Holy shot i do this too and it makes me feel even more crazy especially when someone wakes up and sees me doing it…i asked my dic for valums it helps alot i havent figured out how to control it on my own yet so drugs works until i can internally fix it myself.

Oh man, I know your pain. I end up having to leave my friends to go pace around in their upstairs or my room depending on whose house I’m at. Also, my mom says I look like a zombie when I do it. I am known for running into people when pacing… :frowning:

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Bah we could start a pacing club lol just gather at night to pace in unison lol if you figure out how to stop it please let me know and if i figure it out ill tell you

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Deal! :slight_smile:


I’m on abilify, and restlessness is a side effect. I do some pacing. Since I started taking the herb l-theanine it’s a whole lot less. Not completely gone, just more manageable.

Sounds a lot like akathisia. Here in the uk they give you procyclidine for that (but apparently this is not available in some countries).

Are your legs restless when you are sitting down? I get that.

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Sounds like Akathisia - Abilify is famous for causing this.

Talking to the pdoc might help - Good luck

I used to pace a lot, then I started doing play by post roleplay online, it occupies my mind as long as I have replies to work on.

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