Do you pace up and down?

I’ve been a pacer as long as I can remember. I can’t stand still. It might be down to the Abilify, I guess. I can spend hours pacing which is very unproductive. I also have achillies tendonitis, so depending on how that’s doing, it can hurt!


When I was first on abilify I had akathisia.

It was awful.

Instead of walking (my legs were too weak at the time)

I would go on a bus ride so as to feel that I am moving.


I just stand in my kitchen smoking and drinking coffee

Getting stale I tell ya, stale


I was pacing on abilify and fluonxol

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I was wondering what is your dose for Abilify at the moment? I heard Abilify was the best med in terms of negative symptoms. Also I heard the akathisia caused by Abilify subsides significantly with time. So just be patient.

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yeah I pace a lot. but I have always done that

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I pace in the kitchen every day waiting for the water or food in the microwave or waiting for my noodles to cook on the stove. Sometimes I pace in the living room out of boredom.


I’ve paced since I was a kid and I mean I remember when I was young and pacing waiting to go to see the FIRST Harry Potter movie in 2001, meaning I was 8 at the time!

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I’m on 15mg. Been on Abilify for about 15 years, at varying strengths.

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i pace a lot too… either i’m pacing or rocking back and forth on my chair.

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I had akathisia on Latuda. Switched to Risperdal and no more akathisia. I never had akathisia when I was on Abilify.

I’ve always paced. It’s not an anxiety thing for me, it’s just what I do. I’ve injured my feet from doing it too much before.

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I don’t pace. If I get to much going on in my head, I get vertigo so I have to sit or lay down. When I do that though I’m usually moving my leg a bit. So, I guess I would be if I could.

Used to a lot in my 20’s. Not that much anymore now that I’m 34. Although I do enjoy it still

I did on Abilify. I switched to Caplyta and it went away

A bit here and there but the Lorezepam and Pronalol PRN prescribed helps.

I used to. Not any more since I am on low dose med and tapering it off as well.

It was painful. Others made casual comments about it. There is family history of restless legs.

Having to pace around and realizing it doesn’t relieve tension is frustrating thing. Pacing around makes one feel tired. Sitting down makes one feel uneasy.


It bothered my Mother that I would pace inside the house.

The reason schizophrenics pace is because it makes them feel better.


In the 60’s we all were on massive dosages of phenothiazines, and we all had akathisia.

Van rides were much appreciated because the jostling around helped us feel better.


Yes I pace and I don’t know if its the illness or Abilfiy

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