Do you ever pace around

My mom has been complaining that i have been pacing around too much and that it doesn’t look normal. Trying to sit down more often. What do you do about your pacing if you suffer from this? I should participate on this forum when i am like this and try to keep busy.


That is exactly what I do otherwise I am pacing nonstop. I got to keep my mind working on good stuff not it working me.


I take cogentin for my nervous pacing skin crawling feeling or stay busy on here like you said…

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Last time was back in 2009 when I had not been on Consta long. I don’t know if it was the akathisia doing it, but I also became paranoiacally anxious about my washing machine breaking down and started washing clothes in the bath(not a good idea). I get an occasional restless feeling nowadays but not enough to have me pacing up and down.

I paced a lot on APs

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Yes, when I am agitated and hear voices I pace up and down, then I lie on the floor.

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I pace when I am worried, when I am stressed, and especially at night while everyone sleeps - I am like a military soldier walking the house, looking out every window, watching, protecting.

I used to do that alot the year before i was diagnosed because i had so much excess dopamine/motivation. Now on drugs im much more laid back and i just lay around and use the internet all day.

I pace too. I don’t know if it’s cause the meds or the disorder. A med change might help. I take haldol. And I don’t pace as much.

My meds make me pace alot …when I get super sz I pace worse…

When I was on Prolixin I could not stop pacing. I paced constantly. It sucked. I’m glad they took me off that drug.

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I’m on prloixin now I pace a lot I got akanasia lol spelling…I got a pill for it…

Occasionally I get drunk to stop myself pacing

Take care kate xxx