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Can't sleep. Help?


This sounds like my version of hell. Haha a lot of times my auditory hallucinations are whispers and they are more unsettling and upsetting than the ones that yell. Crazy how different people react to things!


I take Melatonin 6 mg tabs every night to sleep one half hour before bedtime. Helps me tremendously. Knocks me right out. Also, exercise every day. That helps too. I do yoga every night about one or two hours before bed. Helps calm me before bed. That’s my exercise. I also do mindfulness meditation for 15 minutes twice a day, everyday. That helps with sleep too. I also keep my thermostat turned down at night to 72 degrees. I never have a problem with sleep now. I used to have terrible insomnia.


keep your bedroom temperature cooler than the rest of your apartment if possible. Rest with your feet outside the bedclothes too. Put pillow in fridge for twenty minutes. Try to relax. Best


ahaha :< :stuck_out_tongue: 15 char


Thanks LED, if have just ordered some magnesium tablets and they were cheap, I have had RLS for years and never knew how to treat it.


What is RLS? I don’t remember what that is.


Talk to your doctor about starting magnesium, and if you get diarrhea, stop taking them. It is a sign of magnesium overdose.


7.5mg Zopiclone does it for me.


L-theanine does it for me.


Restless leg syndrome