Insomnia? 15

Does anyone deal with insomnia? At what point does it become dangerous for your mental health? I’m exhausted and don’t really want to get up ever, but I can’t actually manage to sleep.

I’m kind of worried I’m losing it again because I haven’t been able to sleep in so long. I would really like to avoid another hospital stay but I’m having a hard time seeing my symptoms. I know people are probably right that it’s affecting me, but I don’t even see it really. Which just makes me worried that things are worse than I thought they were.

Is there something you can take to sleep? I know it’s not the best option, but at least some chamomile tea or something.

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I have insomnia and nightmares. I take meds to sleep, Xanax and melatonin, and I exercise intensely six days a week to make it so that I can fall asleep.

I just woke up after 6hours of sleep from horrific nightmares which felt real.

Yes someone else has a sleep problem. I say no caffeine after 10am and exercise most days to make sleeping easier.

Ask your doc about taking melatonin. It’s very common.

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What almost allows me to fall asleep is taking a hot shower and then immediately masturbating until I ejaculate. After climaxing I can fall asleep 90% of the time if I’m tired.

Not to be one of those people that full of excuses, but I take sleeping pills and they have yet to work (I’m limited on what I can take right now, just Unisom). I exercise as much as I’m physically able ( I have restrictions due to other health issues). I’m allergic to chamomile, but drink peppermint tea to relax. I do all the basic sleep hygiene stuff. I don’t ever drink caffeine. I’ll have to ask about melatonin. It didn’t help when I tried it several years ago, but maybe it will now.

I’m just at a loss and my pdoc doesn’t seem to be much help recently. I’ve not been inpatient in a whole year and I’d like to keep it that way, but it’s seeming less likely I’ll be able to.

My medicine (zyprexa) is a sedative so I take it at night which helps me sleep. Also I can’t have caffeine any later than when I first wake up. Sometimes a hot bath and reading yourself to sleep can help. Some people use meditation. I ,also, take my gabapentin at night. I read online and unknowingly fall asleep, when I wake up I’m still on the last thing I read, I doubt I could fall asleep if I just laid there.

If you try melatonin, get the time-released formulas. Melatonin can get you to sleep, but does little for a lot of people to keep them asleep, so they wake back up. Time-released formulas keep a consistent amount going for 7-8 hours. Sorry if you already knew this!

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Maybe your med is causing the insomnia? I had extreme insomnia on Geodon. Now on Latuda I sleep like a baby. I used to take 0,5 mg Ativan to sleep.