Trouble sleeping

I’m having trouble sleeping at night, but the last week I have had to get up at 5-6am. I used to sleep till 10 or 11.

Sounds weird but try having a warm glass of milk, it has melanin in it which promotes sleep.

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Do you take meds? Do you shut down electronic? Could mindfulness i help? Ive also had insomnia but its getting better.

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I take a bunch of meds. I stopped taking Klonopin October 29th. That’s when I started having trouble sleeping at night. I turn everything off when I try to sleep. Today I cut out caffeine after 1pm. I’m hoping that will help.

I can’t drink milk. I’m lactose intolerant.

Its been a long time since october, are u sure thats the season? Do you worry a lot?

Well I worry about getting to sleep, but I don’t really have any anxiety.

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What medications do you have?

Risperdal, Glipizide, Lisinopril, prilosec, aspirin, tamsulosin, lipitor.

Oh sorry about that. Hope you can find something to help.

Well, I’ve got a PCP appointment Tuesday. I guess I can talk to her about it. Maybe my pdoc can help.

Well risperidone and other ap can worsen your sleep. Dont know the other meds.

What is Tamsulosin for?

Back when I was on Zyprexa, I would sleep 12 hours a day. Like I said, this seems to have started when I quit Klonopin at my NA Sponsor’s insistence.

I’m back to going to AA because the NA Sponsor dropped me. I only have an alcohol problem. Drinking would put me to sleep.

Yeah but all meds go out of ur system. Maybe u should ask about a New med.

Maybe so. 151515

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