Can't hate what you don't know


The question arrives.

Why would you want to?

Hate doesn’t solve problems, it causes more with confusion.

Let’s see.

Step 1.) Something stupid occurs.

Step 2.) You hate it.

Step 3.) You turn into a red hot jalapeno and explode!

Step 4.) Now you’re not alive anymore.


Step 0.1) Something really stupid occurs.

Step 0.2) You defy the laws of gravity with the boiling hate in your electrified system.

Step 0.3) You search for it’s center of existence.

Step 0.4) You find ways to delete it lawfully.

Step 0.5) No more hate, and now you’re back on the ground like a normal human being.

Why go through all of thus?.

Well, for starters, you’re not a bird. You aren’t supposed to be flying.

Also, there must have been a good reason for your anger to turn into hatred.

Why spin around endlessly in the smog of confusion where the problem never gets solved?.



I’m not sure i’m being precise with my wandering.

Perhaps thus will make more sense.

The next time something stupid occurs and you feel your temperature rising.

In A Dragon’s Breath Pepper Manner.

Quickly, and calmly, go in the entirely opposite direction.


I hate myself and I’m stuck with me. I feel like an unlovable, needy child. No easy way to change that.

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If The Landscape Of Chaotic Sphere In Hate Overwhelm’s You. Look Into The Opposite. . .

There Are Many Individual’s On The List Inside Of That Link. So Feel Free To Take Some Time. . .

I’m Not So Sure About Thus List Man. I’d Rather Drink Tequila & Listen To Nine Inch Nails.

I Mean Seriously, It’s That Easy?. If it Was, Thus Thread Could End All Wars. Like Right NOW!.

I like what Thich Nhat Hanh says about anger in Peace is Every Step. To be mindfull of our anger, not in a judgemental way, but like an older sister looking after and comforting you, helping you to see through it. He also says to work like a firefighter to put out the anger, not to furiously look for the person who started it!

:hot_pepper: :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: You have some great points! Anger usually does me more damage than good, and to myself as well. It’s something I’m working on, although I’ve never been able to express my anger to others, just turn it inwards.



Anger Can Confuse Logical Judgment. . .

I’ve Discovered When Hope Gets Clouded By Anger. It Only Leads To Regret. Because My Voice Becomes Slightly Invisible. I Get More Cautious Out of Confusion. And The Ones Causing The Anger Ignore Every Little Step I Make. Thinking It’s A Sign Of Weakness.

So. The Malicious Parade Thrives Off Of Self Destruction, As I Look At The Sky With A Tilted Puppy Skull Asking, ‘WHY’?.

Happily Though, And On A Brighter Note, Sign From Up Above. Something Filled With Life, And Light Arrives. And Brings Me Back To My Feet. And I Continue Learning. With New Love.

Glad You Enjoyed The Dragon Remark By The Way.

I Was Wondering If Anyone Would Catch It.

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. The Dragon Soared Like An Eagle, Beyond The Seas, Far Beyond You And Me. . . . . . .

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  1. You can’t hate what you don’t know.
  2. We can’t know things and people 100%.
  3. You never know.
  4. You cant hate anything
  1. I Hate Many Things.
  2. It’s Useless To Allow It Into Your Life.
  3. I Don’t Hate Love.
  4. I Want To Love.
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  1. You can’t hate what you don’t know for sure.
  2. I believe in agnosticism, nothing can be known.
  3. i cannot hate
  1. Hate Is Judgment.
  2. Indifference Is The Key.
  3. There Are Those Qualified To Hate Appropriately.

Indifference isn’t the key for me.
How bland it would be to hate nothing, enjoy nothing, feel nothing.

See, there is anger, and then there is anger.
That link to the page activists? They were ANGRY, but they used it constructively and it served them. I believe what Thich Nhat Hanh meant by non judgment was more about acceptance, about not letting it destroy you or consume you.

Sometimes your anger is the part of you that loves you.

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Edit: deleted.
Was in the wrong thread. Lol
My bad.


To Hate Nothing?. Boring?. Leaving Life Meaningless?.

One Has To Look Into The Mirror Inside Of Themselves And Analyze The Weight Of Love & Hate.

Hatred Has The Purpose To Consume, Destroy, And Discard Into A Void Of Never, Into Nothingness.

Hating Self Is Exciting?. Fun?. Self Loathing In Las Vegas Without Katy Perry?.

It Is True, There Is Centered Anger, Where It Simmers, And Then Boils Slowly.

Then Sooner Or Later Is Begins To Angrily Vibrate With Energy Within The Sphere Of A Vicious State Of Endless Destruction.

Nothing Wins With Hatred.

At Least It Seems That Way In Thought And Examination Of My Past Right Now.

Every Natural Storm Sooner Or Later Ends. Unless Destruction Is It’s Key. To Grow, Vibrate, Harm, And Disappear.

Seems Like A Terrible Stephen King Thriller.

It Is True What You Uncovered For Me About The Activist’s Link. Pure Hatred Upon Hate.

It Is Also True That The Same Wars They Hated. Owned Hatred That Used Violence As A Method To Save People Like Us. Hate Consumes Hate?.

Constructively?. More Intelligent?. Evolution?. There’s A Great Video (By) Pearl Jam Called ‘Do The Evolution’. They Present That Subject In A Very Sad, Violent, And Sarcastic Manner. And Yet, It Speaks Blood, And I Sit With Popcorn And Dance As It Plays.

It Is A Music Video Afterall. SCORE IT!.

Anger Inside That Loves You?.

That Same Acceptance Of Inner Anger Accepts Violence To Intrude In Your Personal Sphere Of Existence From Those Who Have Nothing Left To Offer To Society But Another Theater Performance For Evolution Popcorn Dances. . .

I Like You @Sue_Bee.

You Make Some Great Points. . .

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!. . . . . . .

P.s. Wrong Thread, YEA RIGHT!!!.

See this is wrong, cause I hate math, and I definitely don’t know it.

XD Thats in fact the reason I hate it. So darn confusing. Prime roots is probably where I stopped progressing.

UNLESS destruction is its key.
I don’t seek destruction. My hate occurs momentarily as preference. I acknowledge it, then discard it.
How bland without preference.

Anger doesn’t have to be hatred. My anger at (abusers/ bullies/ ignorance/ violence/ bigotry) FILL IN THE BLANK… is the part that loves me, and it is the part that loves you and everyone else, and the part that knows justice hasn’t been served, and that some people are still starving in our world of plenty, and that we are living in the shadow of a mushroom-shaped nightmare cloud with no escape but music and fiction.

It’s what we do with it that matters.

Do the Evolution: my favourite music video! (How did you know?) A perfect, shining 10.


A Very Solid…, Solid…, Solid Recommendation Indeed. Preference?. . .

Insulted By Something’s Existence?. Build A Box. Put The Insult Into A Box. And Discard.


I’d Rather Be…, Be…, I’d Rather Walk Into The Kingdom Of Indifference And Walk Away. . .

Instead Of Trembling In Weary, Painful, Pure Loathe Of The Irrational Insults And Hate From Outside Sources. But!, The Hate Still Exist’s. Only, ONLY, It’s Coming From Outside Realms.

Hate Cannot Be Swept Under The Rug And Ignored. UNLESS Someone Masters The Art Of Indifference Appropriately. But!, Where And What Are Those Tools?. I Ask Happily!.

I Can’t Hit All Of Your Fine, Well Educated, Personal Thoughts At Thus Moment. . .

I Feel As If I Jus Wandered Into A Field Of The Unknown. WITH MANY LAND MINES!.

Tricks Are All I Can See (!!!).

Jus Kidding. . .

A Book Could Be Written With That Post. . .

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

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