Understanding the hatred of people

It’s quite a feat to understand that I hate people without demonstrating it. To know that this is where I stand before the feelings boil over and I end up in regret. As MI’s, we do not have a lot of ideas of what to do with people and this in itself is frustrating. Furthermore, when we see other people dong things for each other, chances are we just don’t feel like following suit. We’d rather just withdraw. I don’t have any answers, I just have learned that it’s better to recognize the people hater in us, to know it has reason, and, then, to spoil ourselves rotten.

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I disagree. “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace” -Jimi Hendrix.

It is our duty as human beings, mentally ill or not to practice love rather than hate. If someone doesn’t love you back, then so be it. Gotta learn to move on. No one’s perfect and I like to put myself in others shoes and understand not everyone was as fortunate to have this mindset as I do. To limit my ego as much as I could. Idk I read a lot of spiritual stuff and think a lot about nature and philosophy and have learned to not dwell so much and to give everyone a chance. They can lose their chance, but I also practice forgiveness. Everyone is their own person I’ve learned, and everyone wants it just as much as others. Some don’t realize this but by me realizing this I feel less blemished by hate, with an ability to love. I try to help people as best I can, some are better than me, but there’s no excuse to practice hatred. That word is not in my vocabulary (more like philosophy) of life.


I’m surprised you haven’t applied for sainthood.
Feelings of hatred well up in me, jealousy chokes me and weakness is often my ruler. These are facts, responses to the world around me and I would have you tell me how you can change the way you feel.
Have you ever heard “Love me or hate me, but don’t ignore me.” ? Because you may be ignoring people in your little spiritual world.

I don’t really hate people or society although I do say that occasionally.

Im just aware of my limitations of dealing with them/it on a productive positive level so I quite trying years ago and spend all my time and money on myself when im not working on myself , ive never been happier.

Some people look at me like im some kind of monster for enjoying my antisocial life…screw them it’s not their life it’s mine.

What are you plans for growing old and needing people in a more direct way?

you mean like children taking care of me because I took care of them?

in the US that doesn’t happen very often anyways unfortunately most people are too involved with their own lives to care about their elderly parents so they dump them in some lonely freaking home.

I know from experience because my ma worked in a rest home/hospital for 20 yrs and I would hang out there after school for years when I was a kid.

But more to the point I don’t plan on making to where I ABSOLUTELY NEED to be cared for…im surpised that I made it this far.

I don’t bother to care if people ignore me or not, so they shouldn’t bother to care if I ignore them. I allow myself to be less real, to not dwell on the past, to “erase my personal history” (That’s the wording that’s been presented to me lately)…At the same time I DON’T ignore people. I try to be the cat in the darkness, but I try to be the darkness also. ???

Sainthood? I have great passions. Spirituality makes me happy but that’s all I need it for. When it comes to other things, no one can break my passions. My day is constantly filled. I don’t have time to be hurt, hate and be jealous. But at the same time I do have time to love, help and limit my ego. Because not only is it easier, but because it makes me happy… It makes other people happy. That makes me happy too.

I’m not fond of your negativity but I don’t hate it either. It just is. I’ve had heartbreak, unfairness, pain in my life, but hey…that’s life.

You asked two questions trying to make me contradict myself but there’s no need to. That’s part of your problem. You have to be less real. After all I’ve learned, it’s only life. It’s not a huge deal. You’re born, you live, you die. Might as well be positive, nice, and grateful. Your attempt to undermine me is a great example. And don’t blame SZ, or your parents.

You don’t try to erase yourself…

erase my personal history?- Now who’s saying it’s all negative. My personal history is who I am and who I have developed into. Mental illness is a problem of not being able to love. You write like you don’t have that problem. I can’t trust you.

Some mental illnesses are that way but most are not. Narcissism is a disease of the inability to love…including the hatred of your own self. On the other hand, schizophrenia is most likely a chemical imbalance in the brain causing psychotic and paranoid thinking. Nothing to do with love. There are plenty of schizophrenics who are/have been in love.

I never said your personal history was all negative, I just said you need to erase it. So you become less real. Your moods are too real. Your actions are too real. Your complaining is too real. Don’t take things so for granted.

You don’t have to agree with me, but it worked for me. Until you become less real, try it, there’s no need to respond.

I’m glad you have given me “permission” to not agree with you because I don’t. Reality is the only thing we can be sure of. Don’t get hit by a truck while you’re on one of your spiritual highs.
The definition of mental illness is that it cannot deal with reality based love. A dreamer and that’s all.

I have flashes of hatred sometimes but they are usually temporary. Today I got a good anger worked up. It felt good.

I’ve come to hate people because they are absolutely determined to force me to have sexual relationships I absolutely do not want. This situation has been going on for decades. When I was in jail for two months under a false arrest I spent five hours a day pacing back and forth in my cell saying, “I’m gonna fry your dick and make you eat it.” Doesn’t that tell you something?

Yep im with you crimby…it f***ing sucks …sometimes …