Can't hate what you don't know

The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas
by Ursula K. LeGuin

I think can be found being read in 18 minutes on YouTube.
There’s your recommendation.

And since you’re fond of post script:
PS. Hating the haters is still hate.
You heard me. :slight_smile:

Check out stoicism.
Specifically, “Meditations”, by Marcus Aurelius, the last of the great roman emperors…


No Doubt. I Shall Check Out All Of Your Educators. If That Is Insulting In Any Way Please Forgive Me. I Am Still A SHARK!!!. Your Natural Grace And Intelligence Will Not Phase Me!.

I’m Going To Go Back To Your Post That TO ME Seems Like A Hidden Book And Hit Some More Points You Made. In DUE TIME. Patience Grasshopper…, Patience!.

I Say That To Myself All The Time. Although, I’m Not A Grasshopper, But!, They Seem So Cheerful And Happy When They Bounce From Blade To Blade In The Grass.

Can’t Hate Grasshoppers!.

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Peace!.


I am not insulted in the least!
You make me think, too.


I See Exactly What You Are Saying.


Something Happens To You, Or Someone You Love. And It Is Severely Wrong. Immoral. Unjustified. Without Cause. Meaningless?. (How Can It Be Meaningless If It Happens To Someone You Love)?. But!, It Comes From The Cup With A Drink Of Oxygen. Nothing For Your Belly. You May Be Asking, What About The Lungs?.

Well Let’s Subtract Oxygen For A Moment. Well, ONLY A Moment, Because!.., We All need Tree Hugs!.

To Be More Clear, The Hatred Upon The Crimes Against Innocent Human Beings Is With Very Great Reason. The Initial Thought Is, The Crimes Need To Be Erased.

Yes!, True…, Hurting People Is An Incorrect Way To Carry Oneself. Meaning DON’T BREAK ANY LAWS. The Rules Of The Government Are There For A Reason. No Matter What, There Is Always A Well Known Number To Call If Something Dangerous Arrives. . .

If One, Correct Me If I’m Wrong @Sue_Bee, If One Walks In The Opposite Direction From What They Hate And Or Hated, The Indifference Can Be Used As A Great Tool To Remain Safe. Psychologically, And Even Physically.

Maybe Even Use That Same Hatred As Fuel To Continue To Walk Away From The Pain From What Has Hurt The Individual?. Constructive Hatred Being The Fuel, And Indifference As The Key To Never Return?.

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Peace!.

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Yes, and we are both on the same page of the human manual here, I think.

To protect yourself from the slings and arrows of others, know thyself and care not.
I took your first mention of it, way up there on the thread, to be complete and total indifference. “But then, where is life at all?” I wanted to ask.

But you differentiate.

I see where you’re at now, and it’s fueled by subtext that says, “I don’t want to hurt anymore.”
That I understand.

Weirdly, I always interpreted that Christian aphorism “turn the other cheek” to mean to walk away like that. As in, all that anger and fear and hatred that person feels toward me? I’m not going to participate in that. I’m exiting the situation. My Elvis left this building. Yes?


I Honestly Couldn’t Have Said It Any Better. You hit All The Right Points.

Preferences Is Such A Powerful Statement Of What The Victim Gets To Choose.

Either Continue Willfully To Hurt.

Or Jus Simply Walk Away And Start Over, Perhaps Try Again, Find Something Other Than Pain To Resonate With. I Am One Of The Worst To Feed Off Of Pain. Usually Psychological.

Although I Have Been In Harming Self. As My Very Own Statement As To How i Didn’t Want To Be Apart Of Anything I Saw. Nothing. I Wanted Nothing That The World Had To Offer.

Once Again, The Criminal Standing In The Way. And Those Types Of Individuals. The Criminals Are As A Tick, A Leech, A Flea. Feeding Off Of Anything That Moves.

And If The Victim Wasn’t Blinded By Self Blame. Or Errors From Lies And Confusion. Happiness Would Be Much Closer Than Their Favorite Constellation In The Night Sky.

Although, Those Stars At Night Are Beautiful.

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.


Well, we solved that! :smiley: