Struggling with hating others


Just looking for some support.

I’ve been struggling alot with hating other people.

Hopefully i can get help for this problem soon.


Well, I love you @pansdisease.


Now why would such a positive - happy go lucky person like yourself, hate anyone? hmm … can’t figure this one out :smile:


Well @pansdisease I have a problem with hating people too. I know it’s just the illness so I just ignore it and try to be nice.


Hate has it’s place. The thing is, you have to know when to hate and when to let go. Holding on to hate is a great burden, it’ll drain you, drag you down, and make life sour. Make sure it’s worth it.


I’m not a big fan of Christendom, but I do like this saying:

“Hate the sin, love the sinner.”

I try to differentiate between the action itself and the person committing it. Which is harder than heck sometimes. Good on ya for recognizing the problem and trying to deal with it.



Being serious, yes it is good that you recognize it - hope you feel better about it soon @pansdisease


some people need a good hating like hitler for example hey your aware of it and if your aware of it you can change it. tc sending hugsx


Looool I like how my struggling with hating myself is fine but struggling with hating others is unusual beliefs. I think it’s more common to hate others than yourself!

Anyways if you’re being serious then I’d say top causes of hating absolute strangers are generalization and dehumanization. You’re making broad negative generalizations about every person, and separating them from yourself. Be aware of that and work to change it.


That’s normal. The paranoia and cortisol make me get into fits of anger and occasionally outright rage. This morning was a bad one, I just waited for my meds to kick in and banged my head against the wall. I get into states where I just can’t control what I am thinking and want to destroy everything and everyone–however, I deal with that crap on a daily basis and have insight into it. It is just the illness, my personality is dominant and inclined to be narcissistic, ruthless and domineering and the illness doesn’t help. I get my crap under control with medications and usually crash into the couch if I have a fit of rage once it passes.

But yeah, you are not alone. I just see red sometimes and have had to learn not to hate myself too much for it. I deal with it. I go to the gym and workout until I can’t lift anymore and need to rest. I am actually pretty well-built, I used to train for power and looked athletic but was secretly ridiculously strong and could lift hundreds of pounds repetitively. That was a necessary phase and an outlet for my feelings of hatred- I internalize the hatred to the illness and unfortunately my own life. I learned not to hate other people, that is dangerous. Other people just have needs and wants and problems of their own, they aren’t to blame for mine.

In my opinion, this aspect of the illness is adaptive. We are not evolved to live in modern society, we are evolved to hunt or be hunted, to kill for what we need, to reproduce earlier than most people do in society today. There is no denying that without some issues, and everyone has issues. That makes sense. I would have made an excellent Viking or Samurai, Celtic batshit claymore wielding, kilt-wearing, unkempt highlander. I see the illness with low negative symptoms and high positive symptoms as adaptive, especially if the individual is of above average intellect. In short, we are not supposed to be here. Just look at my hobbies- hand to hand combat when I was a teenager, lifting weights and sex or masturbating as an adult. That just mimics a scenario that happened all of the time a thousand years ago, and I was damn good at it, actually better at all of my endeavors whilst unmedicated. I hate to say that, but that is the case study of myself. Pre-test post-test. Kicked more ass off meds, sleep too much and bitch too much on meds. Made the Dean’s list off meds and also on meds. Slightly improved GPA. More friends.

Let me share a story about my unmedicated and actively psychotic days- I went to a sparring session at the Krav Maga dojo, we all wore cups and headgear, gloves, shin guards, mouth guards. I kicked everyone’s ass except for the head instructor, including the other instructors, and I was off my rocker. That is just evidence that the illness is adaptive. Beating other people in fights is survival of the fittest if you ask me. If this was 1000 years ago, I would have had my choice of a mate after that. That’s how we are hard wired. 5ft7in and 155lbs at the time, whooped everyone and had a stalemate with the head instructor. We both spent the whole round making tiny movements and reacting to them, two trained fighters know what the other is doing and it often results in two people just playing chess.

My point is that I believe the attraction to violence and feelings of rage are simply not maladaptive, they just don’t have the right place in society. I think they should make all of the people like me serve in the military. I’m good at kicking ass. Humans have not evolved in tens of thousands of years- many common psychological problems today are due to maladjustment to society. Stress, for example, accumulation of body fat around the abdomen- that’s stress, according to Robert Sapolsky. He’s one of the authorities on human nature and is a professor at Princeton. I think his specific title is evolutionary neurobiologist or something ridiculous along those lines.

So that is why you struggle with feelings of hatred!

Just get some exercise and make sure you are satisfying your needs.

Hope that helps you understand why you are experiencing these feelings. Your brain just wants the best for you.

I have this problem too, I just keep it under control. I just did a 200 rep leg workout (with 500lbs on the machine) and did something inappropriate to just stick a fork in myself and call it done with being pissed off. I get off on being pissed off, it’s sort of a problem. Sometimes it gets too intense and I want it to stop, but I am more powerful while pissed off, I’ve lifted friggin 500lbs repetitively while pissed off. The problem is that I learned that good achievements come with being pissed off.


Love yourself for hating people - it’s all you can really do.


If you’re not harming others physically or mentally then enjoy your insight. You can’t share or give what you don’t have though.


You’re not getting support from the people you hate?
Maybe try seeing the good in people and like them.


Love yourself first…the best place to start! **


hating people is a waste of energy and time…
it only effects you…not ’ them '.

jedi :rabbit: bunny sends you a hug
and my :dog: and my friendly :bug: send you a hug too, though the :bug: bug hug is very, very small because his arms are way tiny…!?!
take care from the ’ i am totally sane, not loopy at all ’ :alien: