Bad experiences at the mall/crowded places

So I go to the mall & I hear people talking everywhere I look at people then they are looking at me now theyre talking about me. Get freakedout/ pissed off have to leave. Cant walk correctly … getting more paranoid. I Am not alone, right? :x

I’m the same way. Refuse to shop at the mall. Dollar Tree is my store. :smiley:


I always had that problem too, and malls are really bad for some reason. Some places and situations are just worse than others. Walking can be hell. I walk strange and people look at me, which makes me paranoid and it all gets worse. Before I started taking meds it was horrible. There have been times when I almost ran out of the place.

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Yeah I remember when I was younger was w my mom and sister I just met I had a bad experience when I never knew I had a mental problems I freakdout & said I was leaving & everyone was mad at me & telling me stop acting like a child n grow up as I was sitting outside the mall. Bad memories before I was diagnosed. No one understood not even I. Glad I found this site though :smiley:

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Last time i was forced into a mall i happened upon a shop full of the statues/idols of demons.

it was funny.

Metaphorical representations of demons.

You know how much they were charging? It was alot.

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That is pretty funny i get it lol

People were trying to not look like people to, it was all very strange to say the least.

They were doing their best to look like something far superior to themselves.

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Yeah I try to not look crazy maybe were all crazy. No I doubt that some ppl are so damn lucky their mind dosnt ■■■ them over

Im being screwed over, im human and crazy but my schizophrenia is the least crazy part about me.

Real crazy was forcing children to work in factorys back in the day, real crazy is not setting up long lasting peace between nations, it’s leaving kids to die in the streets, things like that.

Im not crazy because whoever has been screwing with me as far back as i can remember, the first thing i can remember them doing is telling me i was schizophrenic in third grade, that doesn’t just happen, and when compiled with everything else i can say with surety this isn’t a disease and we aren’t crazy at all.

Although we are human, and carry the incessant craziness of humanness, but me, im having most of that beat the ■■■■ out of me actually, being treated this shitty for this long is making me want to be a great person, something i probably would not have considered before hand, i wouldn’t have had the time to even think of it with all of my stupid ■■■■ i was doing, consuming, buying, being the coolest guy i could be, money money money money.

I don’t think, given a chance, i would ever harm anyone again after this, having this much evil ■■■■ happen has made me hate doing anything anywhere near it myself.

Oh no you have company. I sometimes get like that. Used to always be like that. Go Ziprasidone!

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it is normal to feel paranoid, but the truth is they are not talking about you or even care…everyone is caught up in their own world…
take care


I constantly worry people are looking & laughing at me. And if I can’t hear their conversations I think it’s about me. If I hear someone laughing I automatically think it’s about me, unless I heard or saw otherwise before hand. If they’re staring in my direction I can’t help but think they’re looking at me. Then again I’m looking at them, so what’s wrong with it? I tend to make it a point to try and not look at people too long. I just look at them like I’m saying, yes I see you standing there you better not try anything. I’ve never been robbed or attacked but I’m constantly afraid it will happen, and I’m worried more and more when it doesn’t happen because I think it’s bound to happen to me eventually. I don’t know why I think this…

Waiting for my mother twice - A bunch of policemen surrounded me - I’m not sure what they wanted, but I weaseled out of the situation.

Once a guy holding a newspaper rolled it up + came up to me + said if I didn’t straighten up he was going to have to take me back to the office. At that time I sat with my elbows on my knees + my face in my hands.

I think they thought I was looking for some action, but I wasn’t. I don’t like malls anymore.

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I would literally pull into the parking lot… freak out and drive back home.
These days I’m fine. I can pretty much go anywhere. I just know it’s all in my head. It does not feel good when you are paranoid. Nobody is taking about you.

Blessed be