Can you suggest a medication that is effective....please help me

Ive been on clozapine, clopixol and olanzapine and none have helped me. They have not treated the voices at all…could you please give me some insight as to what is a good med…please help me

Different med’s affect people differently. If you want to just be a zombie, Haldol might help your symptoms. Geodon and Seroquel have kept me stable for over ten years. Those drugs are a good combination of effectiveness and mild side effects for me. That can be different for different people, though. I talked to one guy who found Haldol easy to tolerate and had a hard time with Geodon. If the positive symptoms are too much for you I would recommend trying one of the older, typical anti-psychotics. If they are too unpleasant I recommend Geodon and Seroquel.