Effective meds

How is it like to have effective meds ?
Do voices shut up , fade or less than it was before meds
Do person still feel delusion of control
I take meds
But i still feel sometime i should go to court to bring them to court sometime i feel i am nice
I going to get crazy i dont know if i am fine or not
What to say to doctor !!!

my meds are apparently effective in that they make the voices go away but they make me so blimin irritable and I don’t like thatt

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Any of your delusions go away ?

I have had effective meds in the past that have had horrible side effects like weight gain (Olanzapine) and movement problems (Haldol).

The drugs work well with me apart from Aripiprazole which I was still psychotic on 30mg a day.

I am currently on Amisulpride, and I do very well. I am completely stable on 800mg a day and 50mg of Sertraline.


yes most of my delusions have gone now.

apart from still sometimes thinking ooh wat if hell exists but im working on it somewhat

do u hear voices or delusions on ur med?

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Yes they comment over daily activities
I also have delusion of control

Amisulpride is so good. It did not remove the voices but made me tolerate a lot. I felt far more focuse.

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it takes years before you find a good med and a life stye


After the 50. the delusions and compulsions and voices fades. If you are young and don’t want to waste your life on psychosis and have tried 3 or 4 antipsychotics without luck. Then go for Clozapine. When I was 26 I was placed on Clozapine and it wiped out all my psychosis at 600 mg. It had some unpleasant side effects that made me go off it. Those were weight gain,sedation and drilling.