Can you have full insight in psychosis?

I lost all control before from psychosis

It was almost like the time got taken away from it

Probably for the best that I don’t remember the worst of it

For psychosis to be true, I’d say the peak of it you’d have zero insight

When it happened to me it was gradual and I knew nothing about mental illness

All the other times I had gotten more insight, but I still ended up in a state due to med noncompliance and slowness of care

Acute states are all that seems to get attention

Ongoing mental health services provision is sketchy at best

Lack of insight isn’t a psychotic symptom. Many many ‘normal’ people have virtually no insight. So I think it is possible, just very uncommon.


I knew I was suffering from sz when I was psychotic but I still acted on my delusions/ paranoia. The delusions held power and the knowledge I had sz had no power.

I think of it kind of like a battle between intuition and reason, or feelings and thought, or so many other competing mental functions. The delusion defeated the insight almost every time.

You’re right 1515

I know I’m getting to this thread late but can I just say that I’m definitely not a better person because I spent 5 unmedicated months in a closet with a toilet in it.

That doesn’t make you better, especially if you have sz. It just creates PTSD and throws it into the mix.

Love all you guys, don’t mean any disrespect, just really wanted to mention it.

Good luck @Crystal-Cotton , the only advice I have is very good advice, agree to take medication and don’t miss a dose! That’s how I got better and avoided going back to that awful place.

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I believe what she is referring to is lacking insight about her delusions. If you have insight into a delusion you either realize that is a delusion or at least half believe it to be.


Yeah thats what I mean

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" Anosognosia , also called “lack of insight,” is a symptom of severe mental illness experienced by some that impairs a person’s ability to understand and perceive his or her illness. It is the single largest reason why people with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder refuse medications or do not seek treatment.""lack%20of,or%20do%20not%20seek%20treatment.

I refuse medication because it’s poison

Oh thanks Bowens I’ve not come across that word before

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Not taking them is not fair on others around us. I don’t want my family to put up with me in that state.


I’m not bothering anyone
I’ll just stay in my room scared

You can have full insight but if you do, you’re not delusional. You can have some insight into delusions, and recognize that others believe something else and even that they might not be true, but you have to believe in them for them to be delusions, and if you know they’re delusions, you by definition know they aren’t real, and they’re not delusions.

But you don’t need delusions to have schizophrenia. And you can get better and gain insight into them and still have schizophrenia.


So what do I have then? My doctor told me that I have delusions and paranoid sz

I’m confused af now

When I was psychotic, I had no insight. And I’ve been psychotic a few times. Each time I had no insight.

Only time I lost all insight was when I realized I was being strapped on on a stretcher with a belt on the street and was taken to the hospital and got injected with some tranquilizers and lost my memory.

I think that was my true manic episode… I didn’t stop talking and I was delusional and screaming and sexually Inappropriate to the police and the medics…

Embarrassing time losing insights

If your doctor said that then you probably don’t have full insight into your delusions.

yes ive had psychosis many times with full insight

I’m talking about me. Yours has ended you in court. Just saying.