Can you feel love when you are psychotic?

This bothers me so much and it’s not from medication. Is it common to not be able to feel emotions like love and warmth when you are psychotic? Is it normal to to feel disconnected from your loved ones? How long can you be actively psychotic?

My emotions are sometimes uncontrollable. So I don’t go out much

I feel love for people I’ve never even met/people I haven’t seen in 10 years/etc…

But yeah…. I’m on a heightened awareness since psychosis

I can still feel love. But it’s less tangible (?) and hard to feel. Does this make sense?


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That makes sense, I feel like there’s some sort of block where I can’t feel it entirely and naturally like I would normally

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Yes, this.

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I had a possible case of erotomania during my psychosis. The really weird part about it was the person in question might have liked me back.

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Feeling disconnected or emotionless signals an abnormal state.
You could also be going through trauma, or too much trauma, and that could be why.

Psychotic states may be trauma speaking to you; which is my personal opinion.

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Interesting, could you explain what you mean by psychotic states may be trauma speaking to me? And can feeling numb ever be attributed to psychosis?

In my opinion, when you go through trauma, you might not be able to process it all, at that time.

It may take the brain a while to process it; and at a later time; when you have schizophrenia, the schizophrenic brain may trigger psychosis to process it.

Where as, a normal brain, would be able to process the trauma.

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Got it, makes sense. The other thing that bothers me, is I cannot experience pleasure, I feel like my mind in so trapped in the thoughts, it’s like my mind is being held hostage.

My meds turn me into a mamas boy! It’s so bizarre I have a much more distant and healthy relationship with my mom OFF meds! My moms great but I swear the pill I take makes it so I can’t get my life together

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I have ambition and seek out sex and have way more dreams off meds! On the meds I’m completely stagnant with my life

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I don’t think there is any limit to how long you can be actively psychotic. Generally , it just depends how long it takes to get you on the right meds.

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I’m also more mature off meds until I go all crazy that’s the problem it’s way better at first until I’m acting like a lunatic but at times I feel way way more ambitious and mature! I’m like a big kid on meds! It’s bizarre

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I used to live with my parents and they would treat me like a kid. So that’s how I acted; like a kid. It wasn’t deliberate, I think that’s just how that one works

Now I live independently and have to knock off the childish remarks

It’s actually hard to break old habits. And Even 10 mos after moving out of their house I’m still changing habits

I was in love with every girl I ever met while psychotic and thought they were communicating with me through wild animals. Psychosis is a mess and is affects everyone one different

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Same for me, I wonder in case that it works if it will be good or if it will ruin my life (more likely). Because erotomania is not based on genuine emotions and genuine love.

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But could you feel love for your loved ones, could you feel it as strongly?

When I was psychotic the voices made me believe that I was going to die on more than one occasion.

My feelings of love for not just my family, but also for strangers in the hospital was therefore increased!

I really felt strong affection for people as I thought I was going to die.

I was looking at people with appreciation to an extent I had never done before.

I was looking lovingly into my sister in laws eyes with so much admiration. That she knew something was wrong. My eyes must have gone big and round lol whilst talking to her too. As if I was on some drug. But it was just because I was experiencing hell and so to talk to her was such a relief on my birthday. Plus knowing I’d die.

I also had feelings for my main voice in my head but that was complex.

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