Unable to feel love TW

I cannot sleep sorry to bother anyone here but I cannot feel much emotion in fact I haven’t for years. I definitely Don’t feel love, towards anyone or by anyone
I just googled it and first thing it says is depersonalization
Trauma, personality etc

Does anyone here understand this why this is?
Thank you for reading


In my case, its the sz negative symptoms.

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Wow i just made a topic on this and yeah ive got that problem.

I think love starts with interest. If your interest in someone develops, the feelings will follow.

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My understanding is:

If our environment and caregivers or parents didnt give a good reference for us …

Then we got trauma.

Emotional neglect.

@pretzel I Don’t have those feelings to start off chords they Don’t exist anymore inside me

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You could be right @Aziz

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Yes @Genbu but I don’t even know how long I’ve been like this it’s been that long, soon long
I felt loved as a child
It’s just hard to know how long for

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I have depersonalisation and my emotions are numbed. I haven’t cried for years. I have laughed but I can’t say I’ve felt “real” joy, only amusement.


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It is probably because, you can’t experience every emotion…therefore you can’t experience love. People need to figure out how to heal negative symptoms…then people can experience love. One way to help negative symptoms, is to hang out with a friend or family member…over a long period of time. Then it might help. I think it doesn’t take a lot of motivation, with negative symptoms…to hang out with a friend or family member. Even if you don’t like to socialize, just make yourself for a certain shorter amount of time. Then if you get stronger mentally from socializing, you will be able to do more constructive things.


Feeling no emotion is in line with negative symptoms of schizophrenia.

I take mood stabilizers because I display mood instability and too much emotion but I don’t have schizophrenia.

I am diagnosed with bipolar disorder.


Thanks for your reply, I can relate to you 100%
I don’t FEEL , I’m only ever mildly amused at anything

I’m so grateful that it’s not only me although I wouldn’t wish it on anybody :relieved:

I’m unable to FEEL much of anything I haven’t been able to for years but it’s been so long that I can’t pinpoint how long. It’s difficult to live with numbness lack of feelings, pleasure, anything


there are diseases that can cause this, and one of them is the Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia, which is what I present. In my case I can even feel some emotion, but it rarely happens and it’s not like before the disease and like most people

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My family say its the meds causing me to be numb. Antipsychotics are powerful thing

If you believe it is trauma…trauma causes a block or for people to disconnect from thoughts and emotions…its in the polarities that i was able to find a balance. I used to think that medication would numb me or take my emotions from me–but it was the opposite–once I learned to feel one feeling at a time, I learned to create a pattern of feelings and learned how to feel again while taking meds…one thing that helps, i write things down in a notepad, dreams desires or notes, another thing i draw or paint, colors, placed emotions. I am starting to use painting as a technique to place emotions into…

If you dont believe the emotions were there in the first place, it may not necessarily mean u will not be able to feel them in the future, u have to seek them out. i was born with schizophrenia, diff mutations and for my entire life I have been disconnected or of a flat affect. or unusual affect…my emotions dont match, so i have bipolar or schizophrenia, i was re-assessed after my episodes and I was able to learn to heal and start feeling emotions… but i had a trauma episode too…so it can be healed imo with meds and help.

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