How did you feel unmedicated?

What were your emotions like when you were unmedicated? Or if your medication just wasn’t working well enough?

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I was psychotic so they were a bit more intense for sure. Meds will flatten them out for sure but depends how long you’ve been on them. Although you get receptor occupancy from the first 24 hours it can take like 4-6 weeks to see credible results. It’s not an easy process and it takes time over anything else. Just relax. Take the pills and do some exercise if you can.


Could you feel emotions like love and warmth when you were psychotic?

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Of course. I had added drama with things like erotomania. Postitive symptoms still. I used to love more before the psychosis but I think a lot of that was erotomania. I got into a lot of fantasy relationships over normal ones. Meds really sorted that out for me!


If I were unmedicated, I would refuse to recognise that I am mentally ill and I would quarrel with my parents.


I went off my meds in 2015. Anxiety started to build to the point where I was constantly anxious. Luckily I went back on APs just in the nick of time and avoided an episode.


When you had an episode, can I ask what your worst symptoms were?

Unmedicated I was mostly depressed and anxious on and off. Occasionally I felt great in almost a bipolar way (I think), but it was far more bad than good. At times I felt nothing, no emotions like that had transferred to other people.

It really was a mixed bag.

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Hmm. . .

Medication. Society. Creativity. Social Hierarchy. Food Pyramid. Forests. Relationships.

Underground. Towards The Edge Of The Universe.

Studying Culture. Current. Long Ago. Wars. Pretending I Was In Some Historical College Class.

Listening To Music. Writing Song’s. Hopelessly Curious. Blank State Of Affairs With Family.

No Real Friends. Reaching Out. Hiding. Reaching Even Further. Digging Even Deeper Caves.

Never Bored. A Writer Of Sorts. Complex Solutions To Complex Problems.

Being An Alien. Realizing I’m Human. And Wandering Parallel In The Time Of Space And Stars.

Constellations. Tarot Cards. Losing Sense Of Direction. Gaining Shelter In Nature.

Within The Language Of Animals. From The Tiniest Living Organism. To Every Other Creature.

Learning. Sleeping. Learning, Keeping. Learning, Wishing. Back To Creativity.

Afraid Of Nothing, Because Only I Existed. Subtracting Of Course Humanity.

With Hands.

And Leaving The Rest To Politely Observe. As Some Sort Of Educated Scientist.

Even Though I Dropped Out Of School. I Never Wandered Too Far From The Perspective Of Education. Felt As If I Learned All I Needed To Learn. And Began My Trip Into The Ocean.

Without A Boat Of Course.

Or A Life Preserver. Or Sanity. Whatever That Truly Is.

‘Cast Away’, Kinda Explains It More Poetically. I Lost My Own Wilson’s.

And After All That, I Still Own Tears.

I Have Come To The Belief That I Have Been Schizoprenic Since A Very Early Age.

But!, The Trees Weren’t Ready Yet.

Strangely Enough, There’s A Musical Connection With ‘The Beatles’ And I.

And ‘Yellow Submarine’. Although When I Discovered, ‘Paz Lenchantin’, It Became Simply,

‘Songs For Luci’.

Which Still Baffles Me.

Although It’s A Good Album.

Point Is,

My Body And Mind Has Paradigm Shifted In Order To Subscribe To Medications.

I Sought Clarity. Received It. And Can Still Write Songs. Sorta. Either Way, I Did My Best.

And…, Thing’s Are Working Out.

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :eagle: :paw_prints: :eagle:


my emotions were mainly fear.

I didn’t cry or anything, just didn’t understand everything happening
with psychosis.

Strangely I made homemade breakfasts for my daughter every morning, real potatoes, eggs, and french toast,

all while I was being insulted, voices.

thought I was okay to go off meds, but no I wasn’t. likely never do that again.


I can completely relate. Could you feel positive emotions like love or were you more numb?

it’s hard for me to remember. I’ve been relatively stable for a long time now.
Every time I felt fear, the voice screamed, I’m going to kill you!

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Anger. Lots of Anger. I got scared at first and was fearful and crying, but the fight response kicked in, and i was swearing “at them” day and night. Smashing things up - and ripping stuff off the walls.Police got called quite a few times, but i think they had the heads up - cos they ordered me to bed and made sure i took the pills or they would nick me.


Mostly delusions. Had some hallucinations but not a ton. Also I had anxiety to the point where I was always scared. Like intense constant fear.


I tend to get very angry when I don’t get my med’s, but sometimes I don’t feel any anger and I go into a pleasant mania. It feels good.


Feeling like being under seige.


I am functioning decently, I am high functioning for now. I can work and whatnot but constant long hour weeks where I only get 1 day of definitely make me feel the effects of illness

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every time ive been off meds ive not had symptoms. i think my i get long lasting improvements in symptoms on meds when i first started meds i took them for just a few months and when i stopped my symptoms never returned to the level of severity they were at before meds, still makes me wonder if my pdocs diagnosis was right (brief psychotic disorder) and ive been on meds for 5 years not needing them anymore

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Can I ask what your symptoms were when you had them?

I am completely out of control off meds, a danger to myself and to others.

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