Can we talk about charlotteville?

Like in the thread title. If this is against the rules the mods can remove it. I just want to know if people are freaking out about it. I don’t see things through a leftist lens so I don’t know that opinion. Mine is sometimes right wing sometimes centrist depending on the issue. Just want to know opinions on it but try not to get political or say that you hate the other side or anything like that.

What’s there to talk about? Neonazis and white supremacists have no place in a civilized society.


So I cannot explain how it has made me feel ashamed to be white? And for added shame I am half German! Can see how this hits home to me.

Being I am on the other side of the country and have nothing with them. Seeing fridt hand what my grandparents did scares me to see it in my life.

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Good lord, I hope we’re not at the point yet where hating neonazis makes you “leftist”.


Not yet I hope too
Is scary to see people able to talk around waving the 3thR flag like is normal :frowning: you can get four years for doing that in Germany

Is just upsetting and very scary :frowning:
Feels like some people want to turn the USA into Germany aka 1934 and we all know ow how well that turned out :frowning:


What I hate is that people think they have to behave this way in America. We have the institutions where everyone can express their views. People live better in America than in anywhere else in the world. What do these people have really to be angry about? It just goes to show that the human capacity for stupidity is boundless. When people resort to violence to advance their views they’ve already lost the argument against those who oppose them without violence.


It’s ironic that one of the outcomes of this event will probably be a quicker removal of confederate war memorials.

I hate to think that anyone on the forum would disagree over whether or not it is acceptable for nazis to attack people. I can’t see how this qualifies as a political discussion. Hopefully we are all against the nazis? Right, guys?


Yes totally against them. With out question!
Hope we do not end up in a second civil war worse case. May colder claimer heads rule the day

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Well yeah I don’t like nazis. I didn’t know that much about charlotteville. I thought it was an alt-right gathering and wondered if the people on the left side of the spectrum were freaking out about it. Apparently what I’ve heard is that even some people have died which I don’t like.

I went on facebook but only saw two posts for the most part(Aside from one guy posting memes) on the subject. One guy is really far left and was talking about how all neo-nazis should be murdered how he hated all cops. The other one was only moderately left and didn’t like how trump hasn’t denounced what david duke has said yet.

I don’t like how it looks like the alt-right is taking over the party.

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Don’t feel ashamed to be white. That just enables more people to be racist against whites(as it seems to be justified from their point of view) which I believe breeds more people like these neo-nazis. Just fight against hate whenever you see it.

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No, there were literal nazis waving swastika flags and chanting about hating Jews. One of them plowed through a group of counter-protesters, killing a woman and injuring 19 more. Please don’t get your news from memes.


What no I wasn’t posting memes or getting my knowledge from memes. I’m getting it from people covering it online for the most part. Anyway hope this doesn’t mean that there will be more marches like this in the future. Neo-nazis seemed to have mostly died out for a while there.

The heads of the nazi groups have promised that there will be more protests. They never died out. They just weren’t as overt for a while. But I’ve had plenty of run-ins with them. Mostly when I’m out with my family. I’m half white, and usually pass because I’m so pale, but the rest of my family is quite dark, and they get a lot of hate.

i’m a minority and I’m scared for my life and my constitutional rights. I’m a human and i’m scared for humanity. :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

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Is it something that just happens every now and then or do you encounter a lot of nazis? Where I live it is like 90% mexican so I have never encountered a white supremacist to my knowledge. I’ve encountered mexican supremacists though. The only person that said anything like that was a black guy that said “hail hilter right”. I’m pretty sure I hallucinated though.

It happens a lot. It was really bad after 9/11, then slowly started getting better, then immediately got worse again when Trump started campaigning. It’s very scary right now. I live in the country, and a lot of my friends and family won’t come visit me because they don’t feel safe.

I found the whole thing sickening. And heartbreaking.


Well that is interesting. I guess white supremacists just leave me alone and I never notice them. Do you ever wonder if there is more and more of them? I wonder if the way certain groups try to make hate okay is fueling this. Like when people say only white people can be racist and then say racist stuff to white people. I watch certain videos where this enrages people in the comments. Of course some people wonder if Trump caused more people to be racist or if they are now just more open about it.

Some people have been putting white supremacist flyers all over my town: “Missing: a Future for White Children” or “No multiracial society is a healthy society” It’s gross, it’s exactly what the demonstrations were about in Charlottesville today. One would prefer to think that these are the actions of a very tiny minority.

Most Republicans I know, including most party leaders, are utterly revolted by the alt-right people in Charlottesville.

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